make it last

the time it took me to realize time was exactly what i needed was found too late

if patience is a strong point add another weakness to my fractured list of failings

so i elected to man the unmanned ship

to be the test subject, the crash test dummy, the petri dish, colonized by a millions regrets and cast into the vacuum

i knew the wine was poisoned so i slipped an antidote into your glass as well, single serving size

i am a human ark, but you were always the storm that drowned my entire world and i never wanted to sink so badly

crawl inside my chest, i’ll protect you from yourself as the waves pull me under

ignore the feathers, i once thought maybe i could fly, it was a dream like love and happiness, another set of rags wrapped around frostbitten feet as i carry you to the fire

time has always been my prison, you the jailer with your tin cup rattling across the bars of another insipid poem composed for you

put me down, i am not sick but i am most certainly not well, one shot between the open adoration in my stare, a blade in the guts, make it last

just make it last, line the fire in your eyes, the gleam of your teeth

all i see is the things we can never have, the dreams we’ll never live

the time it took me to realize time was what i needed was found far too late

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