calendar pt III


this is typically when the rains begin again, when the thirsty soil turns vibrant again, reborn to die

self destruction
with no understanding
this life
is a break
between infinities


laughter fills the night, the crinkle of plastic costumes, faces painted like the visage of death

burning leaves
the icy chill
blows down my spine
a sense of desolation
desperate longing
is all
that remains


the two most important women in my world are born, as well as the fool that fools himself

the feeling
of dejection
a lack
of retention
this disbelief
in suspension


the death knell tolls, how do you determine the wealth of a life, significance becomes loss

the shovel strikes
the frozen earth
the gray sky
fat flakes
the corpse of yesterday

another calendar tossed into the landfill, another corpse interred back into the earth from whence it came

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