the rudderless boat swept along into the open mouth of the tentacled beast that swallows all lonely seafarers eventually ground to paste in the crushing throat of barbs and hooks made for only destruction never knowing anything but hunger Advertisements


if the world is an aquarium i hide in my castle every single time the treasure chest opens with fat bubbles the diver waves but i wonder fearfully what lurks behind the great brass dome of his through the water he bobs on the recirculated water a remnant of olden times ancient exploration part of […]

three views on dying

he is fresh like a newly dug grave yet weathered like the headstone beside it take two he is open like a freshly dug grave yet worn out like the body soon to fill it take three the vigor of youth has left his dessicated frame leaving only a bag of aches and bones behind […]


floating blindly into the flash fires of eternity grab the back of my head push it down beneath the docile water lethe no coins for the ferryman no value no deposit most certainly no return from this lazy river cerberus snarls three sets of eyes follow my every move the gates of hades are locked […]


she felt like a satin draped coffin as i slid into her the thought made me pause a mixed metaphor that struck a chord in my mind in this act of love making i felt myself dying in pieces as i gave all of myself to her i was inexplicably changed the man that began […]


the saboteur hands grip the ivory pistol grip like a lover caressing the bare back of his heart’s desire the executioner stares with empty eyes at the well worn handle of his axe so lovingly sharpened red and black the blood pools under the strobing light of forever in succinct and succulent sprays time is […]

in increments

if i don’t wake from slumber know you were the last thing to sit happily in my mind before i drifted on it’s safe to say before whatever end i face i will close my eyes see your face and smile that’s enough for this fool because every time i open them and you are […]