i don’t wish death upon anyone i visualize it with painstaking care then i pour it into words across the paper how the blood beads up in the initial slice the affect heightened blood pressure has the gentle arc of arterial spray no i would never wish death upon someone but I will revel in […]


between the wind chimes and the neighbor’s songbird i feel like i am in a tornado of disharmonic nausea an orchestra pit this side of hell with demons clamboring a serenade to the chorus of the damned wailing all being played in a coffin on the back of a horse drawn carriage down a cobblestone […]


ella era una mariposa montando en la capa negra de la muerte sangre goteando como una lluvia de verano de sus colmillos ella era el eclipse proyectando sombras invertidas con cada aleta de sus alas en el aire quieto she was a butterfly riding in the black cape of death dripping blood like a summer […]

check please

death is a bus ride down the lost highway to the last diner in the bad part of town all you want is a slice of pie but the waitress just pours old coffee while the fry cook scratches himself with the spatula now you’re left with the option of paying the bill for a […]

in a glass

she frowned like a flag draped over a coffin when she smiled her teeth looked like tombstones she had three sons two of which were spread out across the sands the third was twitchy and inherited her mouth when she died her teeth floated in a glass on the bedside table


the rudderless boat swept along into the open mouth of the tentacled beast that swallows all lonely seafarers eventually ground to paste in the crushing throat of barbs and hooks made for only destruction never knowing anything but hunger


if the world is an aquarium i hide in my castle every single time the treasure chest opens with fat bubbles the diver waves but i wonder fearfully what lurks behind the great brass dome of his through the water he bobs on the recirculated water a remnant of olden times ancient exploration part of […]