death, she whispered

i asked her for her name and she only whispered death

i chuckled but she didn’t even smile

the closer i looked at her the more indistinct she seemed to grow

the room chilled as she grew near

i tried to make small talk but she was indifferent at best, disinterested and bored with subtle conversation

i asked what she wanted and she smiled at last


i blushed, misunderstanding her intent

when she reached over and placed a kiss upon my cheek it all became so clear

my time was done

her gaze was the inky void of forever

our lips met and i wanted to melt into her

hunger consumed me and we kissed deeper, harder, tongues darting and tasting each other

she tasted of earthen desire, the original sin, divinity and torment

she took me right there, first my body in animalistic pleasure on the floor, our mouths instruments of joy and pain

biting and sucking, exploring, our bodies moving in unison, all moving to one explosion of intense hedonistic gratification

it was ascendant the pure rush and we lay tangled together in a heap

when at last we stood i saw my body lying still

she smiled with no warmth but the promise of desire pensonified and held out her hand

i took it and she swept us away, folded reality and we were gone

who are you i repeated again, knowing the answer but needing to hear it again

death she said in a hollow tone

and you are mine for eternity

and gladly i accepted, knelt before her and kissed her gaunt hand

i was hers

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