she comes

she came to me again last night

it was quiet and i had fallen asleep but i woke to the feel of her lips on my cheek

this was unhealthy, needed to stop, but before i could actualize these thoughts i had fallen into her embrace

i grow weaker with every taste, she feeds on me, my hopes, my pain, my fear, the most delicious nectar on her lips

i awake to emptiness, the smell of her lingering in the room, flowers and perfume and an underlying scent of rot, i see her for what she is in the light of day, i steel myself to end this

but i will fall into her web again, i have no strength, no will, no reason, i am anemic, weak as a new born fawn, shaken and afraid of every noise

she will come to me again tonight, i hope she gives in to her need, empties me and leaves me discarded on the side of the road like the dreams of a child

i wait for her tonight, ready to give the vestiges of myself to feed her hunger, i am hers

One thought on “she comes

  1. I am reminded of a spider. One that keeps coming back again and again, jamming a straw into the base of your neck and drinking every night. Injecting just a little numbing venom to make it intoxicating.

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