hunger(for flesh)

she swooned her voluptuous breasts heaving in desire at his exposed manhood her nether bits pouring like a broken faucet in desire she grasped the thick member with shaking hand her free hand wiped at her salivating mouth in anticipation then with one quick slash of the wickedly sharp blade it was freed she smiled […]


the heavy scent of lust plays like motes of dust in the humid air of a rainy morning spent tangled nude in bed his hands hunger for the smooth feel of warm flesh as her gentle breathing resonates with his heartbeat outside the world continues to spin with the fierce locomotion of angry need while […]


the world eats the dead the young the old it doesn’t care just feasts famished belly pains insatiable while slowly spinning in predefined paths through a void that defines with out as well as with in is it any wonder the jackal stalks though the tall grass the snake slithers across the sands the dead […]


she awoke in her satin lined bed as the sun set softly to the west her first thought as eyes snapped open was that of hunger desire need she rose her diaphanous white gown streaming in the cool breeze behind her down the rough hewn stone lined passages she moved bare feet making no sound […]


half fulfilled in a constant state of yearning half distilled in a rampant state of wishing half concealed in a desperate state of screaming one foot straddling two dimensions nothing but a void growing beneath precariously flat footed as the soil falls into the hungry nothing insatiable surrounded by emptiness blanketed by dark thoughts here […]

hunger pangs

whisper lies into my greedy ears, i will swallow them whole this hunger for anything is tantamount tell me your secrets, let me spin the finest silk of your slippery truths i will be your vault as long you remember not to feed me when the moon is full your sovereign source of stability ignore […]

(un)titled need

cold hands grip tightly to the stone lid of the coffin hunger need the moon reflects the rays of a star never seen the steady beat in your lovely throat calls sings the staccato pulse of life pulling from across the room in your dreams i come