for she is death, my love

she comes

pale as the frost

so light on her feet she dances rather than walks across the darkness

one with the shadows

a shimmering monster of ethereal grace

she comes to me as sleep encroaches, to open a vein and feed upon my dwindling strength, she is the night, pleasure and pain with long blonde hair, i dream of nothing but her touch, her fangs as they sink into my flesh, giving of myself to ensure she remains strong, i need no more than her embrace

the elders warn of leathery wings in the night

of a creature from the depths of hell

evil incarnate with eyes of icy death

talons made to rip and rend and strip the flesh from prey

it is death unbound and hunger given form

tonight shall be my end, her thirst and my ever growing weakness assures this, but if it is to end than no better ending can come than serving her, my mistress, my love, my angel with jet black wings, as my vision fades i shall stare upon her beauty so as my soul flees to whatever damnation awaits me i shall always have this sliver of paradise, i was no noble man but i at last knew a purpose, and that is her


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