Reflection (a collaboration with EC)

I am softer than I think
Under the velvet edge of his sharp tongue
Belies my explicit ache

My heart is not inside me
With fingers firmly and deftly breaking me open
And he wears it on his sleeve like a lingering fall

He is under my skin, I am inside his skull
I swallow every bit him, of sea and sadness
The pulsing pressure a perfect crumbling

He is the antithesis of satiated
And I read his hunger like our ancient desire
In my mouth, across my lips, like an umbilical light

There is a hyphen between our souls
A hungry mouth across my skin discovering the secrets of my sighs
Warm blood that makes my flowers bloom
There are parentheses around our hearts
As they scream to one another while she rocks slowly unleashing my fervent growls
Hot blood taunting the chained beast inside

She is the definition of lust
And I feed her fires with our feverish desperate desire
Across her lips, in her mouth, she tethers my mind

She is in my blood, I am in her chest
I swallow every bit of her, of peonies and madness
The tidal pull a perfect pulsing

My soul is not inside me
With her eyes she bore through until it was hers
She wears it like corsage around her lovely wrist

Beneath my explicit ache
Under her touch, that burns like the heart of the sun
I am softer than I think I am

EC is a force of pure poetry. i knew i was hooked the second poem of hers i read. the fact that she lets me write with her is a gift i cannot express.

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