of pomegranate kisses and fires left unchecked

her pomegranate stained lips leave a trail of bloody kisses down the rigidity of all i try to suppress the world is silent except for her breathing a symphonic array from her lungs combined with my need to launch the entire room into chaos of action as my hands play down her bare legs still […]

derelict denial

it is in the purview of the hyperbolic to prance upon the bones of pretense with no preamble or precognition planning ahead is akin to playing the role of funeral director in the final act of one’s own one person play of feeble ambiguity so on he scribbles onto the few remaining unblemished pieces of […]

hunger(for flesh)

she swooned her voluptuous breasts heaving in desire at his exposed manhood her nether bits pouring like a broken faucet in desire she grasped the thick member with shaking hand her free hand wiped at her salivating mouth in anticipation then with one quick slash of the wickedly sharp blade it was freed she smiled […]


her clean taste drips onto my tongue no matter how much i taste i cannot get enough as her moans fill the room i need more and more of her divinity to infuse my being she begs me to stop at the edge of insanity that just makes me want to drive my tongue deeper […]


she shivers like a fly in a web sending teases of desire rippling across the threads of silk attracting the spider in search of an easy meal

and behold her majesty, for she is death

her smile left a chalk outline on the ground suicide in her gaze left every wrist itching for a taste pupils contract in the grandeur of another willing demise she was born a homicide whether it was yours or her own a life would be taken before it was over given to sate her all […]

some rivers never meet the sea

not all rivers make it to the sea though some are born of lakes far inland from the ever shifting oceans step into the shadows slide out of your clothes let me run my fingertips softly along your tributaries in search of your hidden inlet sip lightly from your abundant waters while your thighs against […]