walking apothecary

her skin tasted of hemlock and nightshade as i ran my mouth along her inner thigh my tongue began to go numb and i knew without a doubt this walking apothecary of deadly sin would be my damnation as sure as the daggers in her bottomless brown eyes pinned me to the mattress a constriction […]

autum(n)al desires

i am indistinct a vessel overladen with adoration amorphous mercurial writhing blissfully in sweat soaked sheets a discombobulation of bioluminescence beneath paper thin skin flashing prose in softly whispered declarations of love fluttering as dawn breaks red hot steel precariously set upon ribbons of steel loaded with an overabundance of earnest affection racing full throttle […]

my pulse sounds out your name in morse code

days like this consist of two alternating currents of thought vacillating from a desire for relief and the overwhelming desire for you i wear your love like a crucifix around my heart to keep the vampires and fiends at arm’s length but the goddamn pressure strives to turn my brain into fine dust and i […]

in one soft moment of light

the breeze carries the feel of microscopic lethargy in macroscopic disdain or maybe that is reversed oscillating unable to decide if laziness or petty indignation hold sway over the gray may day between the roaring black smoke belching hedge clippers clumsily shaping topiary cubes out of the secret lair of the sparrows to the blank […]


the rain drips plunk plunk plunk a rhythmic slapping on the metal dome of the grill i sit staring out as the storm rumbles arcs of light in the haze of neon darkness wrapped tight around the city plunk plunk plunk my heart slaps my ribcage as the storm leaves a longing to pull you […]

her molten perfection, my brittle desire

i forget how stunningly beautiful she is on the outside because i am so deeply in love with how beautiful her soul is her sultry conflagration beguiles my thunderous desires and all i know with any certainty is i would die happily with the taste of her lips on mine and her words rattling as […]


it is hot hot hot as hell as piss (hotaspissinhell) it is hot. for the love of god it is cold cold as hell (freezingfrigidteethchattering) it is so very cold. tepid turgid tropic turmoil. none all i do not know not really. it is cold cold cold cold and i feel so consumed by these […]


wrap my heart in banana leaves fry my liver in olive oil slow roast my thighs consume every ounce of me until all that remains of my remains circulates the paradise inside of you


i long to feel your breath upon my lips the moment before we kiss as our mouths blossom into a soft sweet moment where everything simply stops i long to feel your breath upon my lips for in that moment i shall be complete

learning curve

the steeplearning curveof her bodyleft mequestioningthe conceptsof decencyas the needto taste everyinchleft me unableto gauge the distancebetweenthe cadenceof her heartbeatin my chest

bad at words, but i need you to know i need you

she smiled her teeth sharp behind her full lips that type of smile does something on a primal level to a man rewrites part of his code triggers a pavlovian response i felt to sudden reactions a tightening of my pants and a sudden desperate need to actualize this desire in a chemical bath of […]

bled in (a collaboration with EC)

I sit every morning on the other side of his coffee cup just waiting to hear him remind me of things, tease me and listen to him laugh, as I hold my legs tightly together so he can’t notice what he does to me. But he always notices, and I see the color of his […]

the sea’s soft secret (a collaboration with EC)

weary whimsy with woven wings As I sat still watching the pre dawn ocean I knew I wasn’t his fault. I was no ones fault. Maybe I was thinking how I wished I were the lilacs to the intermittent raindrops in his pale blue calm. heretical heartspells heave hollow hell I’m truly a small town […]


as the words rang, a clarion call of golden bells, over a field of wildflowers that span the land, from sea to sea, in every shade of your lips, your tongue, your throat, your sometimes the need to press against you, knowing i will want to bite your lip as my traitorous lungs demand oxygen […]

poet’s quiver (a collaboration with EC)

I’ve been a little bit of hell (she is heaven) with a tender side but always making mouths bleed (i lick the crimson dripping down her chin). I have collected a quiver of sacred words (her every verse casts divinity), arrows dipped in poets blood, but vengeance isn’t in me so they fly through the […]


in your stare, rests the key to a nocturne; a soultorn sonata, born in the night; upon your lips, an inferno does burn; a bonfire that promises pure delight a flare, your image etched into my sight; your sketch of perfection, dripped down my soul; a sense of falling, from perilous height; regaining purpose, by […]

with summer

the nape of her neck the hollow of her throat my lips on her collar bone these thoughts like honey in my mind fill my mouth with summer

trickles across the eastern sky

the world is still cast in the last anti-light of dawn’s preorgasmic ritual in those precious moments before the arcs of pleasure trickle across the eastern sky i sit with coffee that reflects the non-radiant veneer listening as the birds begin to sleepily wake in the branches of the old oak i drifted to sleep […]

becoming poetry (a collaboration with EC)

If you love a poet, you become poetry. Sometimes I wake up with remnants of words on the soft pulse of my wrist and think maybe he’d left them there. I watched him stand quite still on the patio listening to the little birds. I sat a tiny bit too hard on the soft chair […]

marrowtinged avidity

when the alarm went off too early for such broken sleep i felt the petals still stuck to my skin the phantom tingle of her lips the last dreamkiss lost in her essence hovering along the edge of consciously subconscious marrowtinged avidity i knew it was a dream yet i still felt the bruised reverie […]

Reflection (a collaboration with EC)

I am softer than I think Under the velvet edge of his sharp tongue Belies my explicit ache My heart is not inside me With fingers firmly and deftly breaking me open And he wears it on his sleeve like a lingering fall He is under my skin, I am inside his skull I swallow […]


in your whimsical dreamrobes bedazzled with infinite latticework to frame the edges of indefinable ache you float off the ground in a state of flux between flight and feral your sharp teeth your indelible desire draped across the hellmouth welling in my vesuvius frame if i could etch my name across your inner thighs pen […]

lost in the waves

the summer began with stale heat that cast an overbearing despair across the land but as the days grow shorter the scent of wildflowers grew while the pomegranates ripen blood red juice soaks through the gossamer wrapped neatly around her supple form her skin stained with the sun’s embrace i long to lick the sticky […]


i feel her lips in the quiet moments between thoughts as if kissing her is my natural state swimming through the chaos hoping the next corner i turn leads to her behind the next door that opens her mouth hungrily awaits

daffodil smile

there is a sublime mystery in your daffodil smile an electrifying tingle as my fingers trail along your sinuous petals the scent of your perfume blurs the line between sin and divine if you let me i would kiss your every scar in alternating currents savage and sweet i bite but only as hard as […]

coral pink

quicksilver tongue of past refraction humbled by the sandstorm of time the whispered song lures lecherous sailors to the reef made of her prickly desires in hooded hues of coral pink

a year of sunday mornings

sunday mornings are about sitting with a book about shaving the scrub from my malformed skull about daydreaming she is lazily lying with her feet on my lap as i tap out the words to describe contentment sunday mornings are about naps in a pillow fort about creating in the silence with coffee music playing […]


it’s four in the morning a time for introspection(unwanted) to come stomping down the staircase of my brain stem to kick me out of dream where my soul isn’t burning with loneliness(unending) to stare up at the ceiling as the last suckered tentacle of replayed dreamfuckery stabs deeply the velvet bag of dried spices pressed […]

a year of saturdays

i want to love you like a year of saturdays lazy days where we stay in bed no expectations no hurries nothing but the need between us i want to love you like the first cup of coffee on a saturday morning like breakfast in bed then a stroll through the park where nothing is […]

it has to be enough

the thought of your ocean breeze tousled hair soulful eyes locked on the horizon if i could sketch you with the skill of monet the art would suffer in comparison it is impossible to capture your heart which shimmers in the most beautiful way best to love you from afar where my sharp tongue can […]

tongue of memory

as time shifts gears to rocket propel the future into present present into past past into murky remembrance certain shades fade to dull sepia emotions erode until it is impossible to recall the love she showered in the face of how easily it was for her to leave it all behind like consuming raw pineapple […]


the needle breaks the skin the plunger pulled back to allow a spiral of red to dissipate into the solution before being injected back into the vein to rush through vascular chaos how many hits of you still flush my system in the quiet time before the sun fully rises when the world still sleeps […]

scraps of yarn

as sleep fades the world begins to impose itself only the faintest hint of your lips remain pressed firmly against mine the last wisp of subconsciously kissing you throughout the night i squeeze my eyes tightly shut in hopes of falling back into dream into you where the promise of my heart’s content can be […]


no matter the length of time i have spent covered in sweat striking hammer to chisel to the undefined block in hopes of the coveted you springing forth fully nude to ease the hunger burning in my belly clumsy hands lead to an avalanche of dust that sticks to my damp skin sparks erupt with […]

a cloak of finest spun night

she wore a cloak of finest spun night the cosmos reflected on her breasts through the clinging infinite darkness how i longed to trace her erect nipples with rough fingertips use teeth pinch lick squeeze every bit of her milky way until my fingers found the wetness at the center of her universal desire explore […]

the fly buzzes against the window

there is something about walking under the moonlight through a copse of trees on a winding path near a babbling brook as the insects sing songs of fucking from the thick brown bark hidden in the shadow that seem to cover everything to make you realize there is something about sitting on the couch with […]

ode to a nymph

she dug her toes into the soft soil a dryad in search of her oak tree little did she guess that her satyr was searching for her as well the nymph in shades of blossom danced in the fertile mud of hope swollen bud dripped sweet nectar calling out the passion in his soul oh […]

well read (a taste of (un)fettered)

she wore a shirt that said eat me, drink me and i was ravenous dying of thirst willing to go down that rabbit hole a tea service for two smiling when she announced it was off with my head told her i loved her she grimaced said that was seven impossible things she’d heard before […]

toothpaste and oranges

she inoculated my blank slate against ever pursuing one half as perfect unable to muster the necessary chemicals to ever give a fraction of my dream to another in any way but temporary her every kiss erased the memory of any that came before tainted the ideal of any to come after leaving my mouth […]

morning coffee

neither of us were fully awake yet as we sat sipping coffee watching the sun lazily make it’s way up in the east she looked at me with a gleam over her steaming cup with an unspoken question of why we left the cocoon she groaned and stretched with a sinuous grace that made the […]

of pomegranate kisses and fires left unchecked

her pomegranate stained lips leave a trail of bloody kisses down the rigidity of all i try to suppress the world is silent except for her breathing a symphonic array from her lungs combined with my need to launch the entire room into chaos of action as my hands play down her bare legs still […]

derelict denial

it is in the purview of the hyperbolic to prance upon the bones of pretense with no preamble or precognition planning ahead is akin to playing the role of funeral director in the final act of one’s own one person play of feeble ambiguity so on he scribbles onto the few remaining unblemished pieces of […]

hunger(for flesh)

she swooned her voluptuous breasts heaving in desire at his exposed manhood her nether bits pouring like a broken faucet in desire she grasped the thick member with shaking hand her free hand wiped at her salivating mouth in anticipation then with one quick slash of the wickedly sharp blade it was freed she smiled […]


her clean taste drips onto my tongue no matter how much i taste i cannot get enough as her moans fill the room i need more and more of her divinity to infuse my being she begs me to stop at the edge of insanity that just makes me want to drive my tongue deeper […]


she shivers like a fly in a web sending teases of desire rippling across the threads of silk attracting the spider in search of an easy meal

and behold her majesty, for she is death

her smile left a chalk outline on the ground suicide in her gaze left every wrist itching for a taste pupils contract in the grandeur of another willing demise she was born a homicide whether it was yours or her own a life would be taken before it was over given to sate her all […]

some rivers never meet the sea

not all rivers make it to the sea though some are born of lakes far inland from the ever shifting oceans step into the shadows slide out of your clothes let me run my fingertips softly along your tributaries in search of your hidden inlet sip lightly from your abundant waters while your thighs against […]


i hop out of bed with the force of a star collapsing in upon itself, my twenty three and me traces back to the aliens that molested the apes in the trees, my eyes burn like pepper spray when you accidentally make contact they will leave an afterimage on your retinas for weeks my smile […]


i want to cling to your skin in the same way as that summer dress every inch every curve beneath gentle hands hungry mouth to drink you in like a glass of whiskey with one ice cube sweating on the bar in the humid heat of another day with the thirst of a dying man […]


i have always doubted.the veracity of my own existence then i met you now i wonder if i am just the cut up pieces of a thousand mistakes super glued and photocopied into the semblance of a real boy because god damn you are every dream i ever had then promptly forgot at waking that […]


she sets my mind racing like a perpetual motion engine ordering chaos lining up thoughts like errant sparks in a warehouse filled with gunpowder setting off a series of explosions that rattle me to my very core all while whispering gentle words of concern at every new ear splitting chorus of need and desire i […]


she turned to me with a faint smile, trails of blood running down her chin, delight at war with discomfort in her eyes i leaned in to kiss her as she ran her tongue across bloody lips, she smelled of citrus and pennies as she gripped the sides of my face her tongue ran across […]

untitled 2483

my heart warbles in off key hymnals to your beauty my soul shines like a flickering neon sign in response to you my mind flops like a puppy at your feet unable to contain itself bruised battered bent all of me stands straighter to just get a glimpse of you


her naked form covered in pollen that clings to every curve of her perfection the sun dances upon her skin as my tongue plays down her spine like a a silken hammer along the xylophone keys of her vertebrae her tailbone signals the eventual plunging into the simmering waters of her desire how her moans […]

-decahedronically speaking-

decahedronic hydroponic – hooked on phonetically speak and spelling – the sails of sundered hope doth flutter in the sapient sunrise of the soul across missing missives misty and misdiagnosed poisonous – a rivulet of slime from snail mail sent letters of adoration – the hunched back of the letter carrier carrying hope from eight […]


the echos of ache and desire transcend time and space waves of reckless abandon floating across the aether in sync sinking in, the depths of agonizing space between two souls vibrating at the same frequency call out to one another

she (is)

across the foamy waves on a continental divide of it’s own lies the one in which i dream as close as a whisper she coils herself within my chest within my mind speaks words of love that sends chills rippling along my being she is persephone she is aphrodite she is my goddess my every […]


fingers trailing across hot skin like the gentlest of rain running with no clear path dancing in chaos with hidden order to caress every hidden secret flicking tip of hungry tongue and lips like a bee, circling the bloom so intoxicatingly full of pollen spreading the petals of the flower with burning need to find […]


she doesn’t understand the eroticism inherent in wearing a long t-shirt to bed for all the longing lace and satin evoke the idea of running my hands beneath that soft cotton across hot skin teasing those hard nipples with rough fingertips knowing the only thing between my lips and her eager frame is just that […]


she stood bare in front meher arms outstretcheda lookof raw vulnerabilityetched into her eyes my hands dripped with painther supple skinthe canvasin whichmy senses feast simplicity bornof desperate needa deft weavingthe weft deceivingpainting with fire AmberAngst taught me a new word, so I tried to thank her with a companion piece. her’s is amazing. mine […]

hemlock and cyanide

her lips taste of hemlock her eyes flash cyanide semaphore and i cannot imagine any better way to die her hand promise pain in equal amount to pleasure i am willing to take either or to be with her for she is every single thing i desire

always belonged

i wish to learn the curves of your body like the winding country roads back home the ones i could navigate with no thought on those long summer nights of abandon to trail my fingers down your spine until it is as familiar as the feel of soft cotton bed sheets absently learn every vertebrae […]


she sits in the bath the water just over her breasts bubbles obscuring her divine form beneath i sit on the floor eyes filled with hunger fighting the urge to run my fingers across that wet skin instead i clutch my phone my notebook of poetry she rests her eyes closed aware of my fire […]


nin closer comes on the stereo, windows go down, volume goes up i have always been partial to ministry but today this song resonates something primal inside of me lack of filter, filled with need, i sing it straight to you across the void it says everything i am thinking echos that growing out inside […]

tanka of desire

i wish you were here wrapped in my cocoon of need my arms around you my lips on your gentle neck your warmth keeping me sustained


the first time i saw her the very first time a myriad of things ran through my mind the world slowed it was one of those rare moments the kind you remember the rest of your life a distinction level event an extinction level event because who i was prior to seeing her was forgotten […]


she sat in the aisle seat two rows ahead of me i saw her board my heart stopped i sat breathless unmoving as she innocently shined her smile across the train car i never wanted to take the train planes get you there fast but i needed the break i knew the next eight hours […]

the plum and the man

she was the last plum hanging before the first frost of winter the sweetest fruit nearly forgotten to wither on the branch he was starving barely staying upright fumbling down the road wobbly knees with distended belly she saw him quivered on her branch just enough to land gently on the grass beside his feet […]

literary suicide

everytime you turn away i carve another piece of myself in a flaccid attempt at recalling your divine attention it began with occam’s razor down my wrist, the simplest solution seemed likely the best you removed your shoes and stomped the grapes of my wrath into a delicate whine, fermented in casks of anonymity, better […]

whisper to me your sweetest lies, make me feel as if it is real, your hot breath sending chills down my spine as you say all the things i wish were true then fade away like the morning dew, no sign you ever existed, just fade away, a phantom hibiscus, to pollenate another dream, germinate […]


the porthole had fogged up due to the storms i rubbed it away peered out into the black sky lightning raced across the sky in great arcs gave brief glances at the frothy waves in one such flash i saw her she seemed to ride a wave towards the ship seaweed colored hair with an […]

distance between

if i could pinch the world erase the distance between your heart and mine tear through both space and time just for a moment of your precious time silence kills but distance builds up scar tissue restricts the flow of oxygen collapsed lung bleeding out in a dry riverbed fetid feelings fester help me rip […]

close the door

there was a trail of discarded clothing down the hallway torn and rapidly discarded like a hurricane had blown through a bra hung off the door knob boxers here lace lined panties there a button down shirt sans buttons following the trail of destruction led to an open door muffled moans in quiet night a […]


her lips were painted a shade of pink i couldn’t quite identify one of the crayons i never used maybe or a shade that didn’t exist then like coral or a dusty sunset across the red clay hills i longed to kiss them to see that pink smeared as she kissed my throat bit my […]

a squirrel named ishmael

i sat alone on the same bench to watch the same squirrels to think about the same woman who makes my heart flutter captain ahab and queequeg stopped and gave a sad stare in my direction seems they know a little something about obsessions tie me to the mast you bastards if i can’t have […]

beyond acceptance

i am beyond the need for a suicide girl i need a genocide woman one who is willing to wrap her hands around the throat of the world and squeeze while blowing me a kiss as tired of suffering alone in silence as i am unless she is willing to pour gas on everything and […]


you look so good with sin dripping from your bloody lips sex oozing from every pore a hemlock and lust popsicle on a summer afternoon i want to lick every inch of you the angelic disguise a mirage gore me with your horns leave me bleeding out begging for more

unless you asked

i would never hurt you unless you asked then only as much as you desire but if you were a book i would break your spine with the number of times i would read you cover to cover highlighting your secret passages with shaking hands folding the corners of pages for quick access to the […]

(un)titled ode to she

she blossoms like a flower in the dead of the night a vision of sublime beauty intoxicating on a subliminal wavelength laying root inside your brain until she is all that remains latching to your reward center your opioid receptors then she is all you need

fireworks and fingerprints

every time she crosses my mind a blossom of light explodes lately it has been the fourth of july in my skull night flowers blooming fading to yellow embers that burn deep into the gray matter parting tissue like a scalpel leaving scars in the pattern of her fingerprint across my mind

(un)titled truths

taking your time means time taken from the end anyway so i dive in head first and make up for it later on i have a way with words making them twist like molding clay from things of beauty into sculptures of decay so let’s play a game we will put our hearts up raise […]

(un)titled thought XLV

when i am sick i feel less human and more over critical anthropomorphic can opener it could be the lack of sleep talking or the throbbing in my head and face but i want to drizzle syrup over you like a freshly buttered pancake and leave you hoarse after licking it all off or cuddle […]


i want to be kissed until i cannot breathe until my lips ache until desire tears me apart i am here waiting for you

(un)titled need

cold hands grip tightly to the stone lid of the coffin hunger need the moon reflects the rays of a star never seen the steady beat in your lovely throat calls sings the staccato pulse of life pulling from across the room in your dreams i come


talking can be as arduous as watching a tortoise eat a head of lettuce the pace will drive me insane frivolity in exchange of sincerity i would much rather kiss your neck or nibble your collar bone


i need to fall in love with my own voice because i feel like a broken record. all the things i want would be better sought from within but i’m broken. so i listen to myself on repeat thinking the skip and the hiss have meaning they don’t.

she swirls

she swirls in a long black dress through the rain sending droplets in her wake her bare feet glide upon the water ripples spread out a web of waves pulling me in her every step a masterpiece her body saying the words no lip nor tongue could ever utter spellbound drawn ever deeper into her […]


i’ve always been good at hellos the problem is the ones i’ve loved were always better at good byes maybe if i were slightly worse at beginnings there wouldn’t have been so many catastrophic endings but the heart does what the heart wants and sometimes two different hearts have vastly different desires

list(less) need

1) if i could lick the blood off of your skin, i would growl in hunger and lap up every last drop as it stands like red agates against your supple flesh 2) i don’t want to hurt you, ever 3) i want to hear you scream though, blur the line between pleasure and pain […]


her eyes were as clear as a mountain stream and held the same strength and serenity but like the mountains she has steel within her, forged by fires but never broken no matter how it may feel at, times my story is not quite as… my eyes are like a mountain stream after a storm […]

not i

she ran her fingernails down the brittle glass of my soul because she liked to watch it flake away, the whatever flakes of my being gathering like so much fake snow in the bottom of my snow globe form, she was like a cat and my spine was her scratching post and when she finished […]

apocalyptic daydream

fell in love with armageddon in bright red lip stick apocalypse in a set of heels and a short short skirt she seems to be my end and it never looked so good she has death and desire in equal measure written in her eyes i fell in love with the atom splitting power of […]

the between

i relish in your silence, in your quiet moments, your doubts and fears manifest, those times between thoughts and words when you just exist as my only thought is to take you in my arms, to soothe the solemn hurt in your fractured soul yet it is not for me to do so instead i […]

she flows

she’s summer i’m winter she’s water i’m oil she’s beauty i’m scarred she’s courage i’m scared together we could be something new something stronger stranger better more she’s spring i’m autumn she’s perfect i’m flawed she’s scripture i’m fiction she’s poetry written by a master’s pen i love her she’s etched in my soul carved […]

like insomnia

hold me like insomnia, love me like depression, fill the empty half of the bed i can never quite lay in for fear of crushing your memory, in memorial of what slipped like grains of sand through the hourglass shape of you in my mind wrap your arms around me like pain, paint my skin […]

one thing

every morning i hear her outside talking on the phone as her little dog sniffs and pisses on everything she complains endlessly about how all men are pigs and only are after one thing she moved in three months ago above me the little dog runs back and forth, nails skipping and scraping across the […]