well read (a taste of (un)fettered)

she wore a shirt that said eat me, drink me
and i was ravenous
dying of thirst
willing to go down that rabbit hole
a tea service for two
smiling when she announced it was off with my head
told her i loved her
she grimaced
said that was seven impossible things she’d heard before breakfast

i was sunday service
she was communion
she was the good book
and i memorized her cover to cover
quoted her like scripture to ward away the demons
the same demons she brought to life inside of me
i was the seven deadly sins to her seven holy virtues
revelations to her genesis

she strapped me to the mast
and danced on the waves just out of reach
i was obsessed and she was aloof
the perfect tale of need
danger on the high seas of her watery grave demeanor
she handed me a marker
begged me to find where x marked the spot
i drew a map across her body
found treasure she never knew existed

it was a work of fiction
of friction
in all the right ways
it wasn’t her intention
this tension
how our tongues painted the page
we read each other’s bodies like poetry
her well of words and my quill every page a new adventure
each literary device a new lesson in will

(un)fettered is out August 11th, from Potter’s Grove Press.

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