always belonged

i wish to learn the curves of your body like the winding country roads back home

the ones i could navigate with no thought on those long summer nights of abandon

to trail my fingers down your spine until it is as familiar as the feel of soft cotton bed sheets

absently learn every vertebrae like slipping into a warm bed on a winter’s night

run my tongue across your inner thigh and imprint the taste of you like fresh apple pie on my mind

the sweet scent of you mixed with a hint of salt smoothly coating my palate with the promise of fall

to kiss the curve of your neck and have the scent of your hair fill my nose like coming home at night

the smell of safety and belonging like the lilac blossoms in the front yard wafting on the spring breeze

i just want you to fill my senses and override my mind, to lose myself in the magic of you

to erase this longing and finally show me where i have always belonged in this cold world

13 thoughts on “always belonged

      1. Country music, while not being my favorite, does make me smile. This song in particular. Sensually silly. I hear a lot of it because a close friend loves it.
        There is another one that I currently love. While knowing nothing really about it, it’s called beautiful crazy. It weirdly touches my heart

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