crystal clear

he carved a sculpture
of his love
out of ice
in great detail
he chiseled her features
trying to capture
in the frozen medium
her look
that set him

days upon days
he spent
out in the freezing winds
to create
this monument to love
without end
when he finished
he brought her outside
to view her beauty
her crystal clear
she stood in awe
at that which he had made
for her
and her alone

as the days warmed
as his work
melted back into water
that soaked
into the thirsty ground
the memory too
began to fade
from their minds
but that look
the same one
that set his blood on fire

the ground would freeze
he could start anew
for no other medium
could capture her splendor
her crystal clear
in quite the same way
to him
it was only fitting
that what never
in his eyes

was impossible to maintain

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