whisper to me your sweetest lies, make me feel as if it is real, your hot breath sending chills down my spine as you say all the things i wish were true

then fade away like the morning dew, no sign you ever existed, just fade away, a phantom hibiscus, to pollenate another dream, germinate the seed of wonder

tell me lies with silvery tongue, one fraught with trails of promise, that i am enough, there is a chance, of lazy days filled with abandon

permeate my hollow form, infuse me with your grandeur, then fade away, vanish before my gaze, before my lips can brand you with burning wanting desire

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          1. That sounds best.
            But I totally understand. EVERY single time I post something that I feel is a B- at best, is the one that people say “this is one of the best things you’ve written”. Point in case, Clockmaker (if you’ve read it). I really did NOT like how it turned out but I wanted it out of my brain. I don’t understand writing either.

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