seeking salvation in seven percent solutions

she doesn’t know which will draw out whatever poor bastard she has set her vacant sights upon so she vacillates shifting rapidly between bodhisattva her every movement dripping lavishly false promises of a nirvana that it seems never truly existed amd playing victim demanding attention with false tales of traumas never experienced unsure if it […]

writing in water

the world was spinning a teacher once told me that among a million other lies taught filling my skull with many half truths to prepare a child for a life on a cold dead rock hurtling around a slowly dying ever hungering star a pretty blue marble suspended in disbelief a million miles from answers […]


the steady trickle since old mother reagan falsified a war on drugs while taking the news out of reporting now we need not question what is real or false in every facet of our stream how dare they point out the lies how dare they correct the ones that deem themselves above petty inconvenience such […]


i may be the villain in your tale but my story sees it from the opposite end sort of like how marilyn choked to death on pills after she had already been long dead it’s all about how you spin the story putting whomever you prefer as the victim letting yourself play white hat so […]

lessons harshly learned

every lie you laid like a hen in the roost that you sat on nurtured let hatch knowing the damage they would do but taking great pleasure in the chaos you willingly have sown one day they will come back to you like the million daggers cast into those that have trusted none shall gather […]

depth deception vol II

while we struggle for a piece of the pie they churn out new ones at a faster rate than we could ever hope to consume the bible belt is straining to maintain decorum in a land of corn syrup daydreams called diabetic comas we don’t rage against the machine we happily slot ourselves into position […]

depth deception

the graffiti bleeds through no matter how many coats of paint they apply no matter how they spin the story it all boils down to none of what you perceive being real just another fantasy spewed on the fetid breath of freedom with hands bound by inconsequential order it is just another mirage a variance […]


i am a liar liar soul on fire lost in the wilderness of another fairy tale fantasy the lady in the lake holds forth the key to the kingdom but virtuous was never in the cards for one such as i so i respectfully declined asked her on a date to watch the stars instead

hunger pangs

whisper lies into my greedy ears, i will swallow them whole this hunger for anything is tantamount tell me your secrets, let me spin the finest silk of your slippery truths i will be your vault as long you remember not to feed me when the moon is full your sovereign source of stability ignore […]

falsely infused

tell me sweet little lies all day, i will believe them, innocuous little tales of fancy but don’t build up false hope, make a teetering tower of glass dreams around me i can sift through the facades of a hundred falsehoods, i cannot take another foolish hope gone bad use your slippery tongue to knit […]


she only ever entered through the window, in the dark of night, never through a doorway where she could be seen, stopped by if it was convenient to her needs, not altruistic, though she wore the guise well, he didn’t see through the veil, unwilling or just foolish enough to believe the fog was normal […]

whisper to me your sweetest lies, make me feel as if it is real, your hot breath sending chills down my spine as you say all the things i wish were true then fade away like the morning dew, no sign you ever existed, just fade away, a phantom hibiscus, to pollenate another dream, germinate […]

the lies i tell myself

i tattoo your visage upon my cornea so beauty infuses my day your name upon my tongue so every word i speak is love even then i am aware of the falsehood inherent in dream the falsehood that makes up my daily routine i love you don’t take it upon yourself to tell me how […]


i remember waking up and her mumbling she loves me as i crept from bed now i wake up alone but my day doesn’t begin with a lie it is the little things


every tooth in my mouth is a tombstone to every time the words i love you passed over my fool tongue in error one day i will be less of a fool


kurt sings softly he swears he don’t have a gun another lie woven into the air how many softly sung falsehoods have worked their way into my ear of love of life of hopeless hope only to die unfulfilled


he makes all sorts of secret promises to himself in the dark he will be better he will be stronger he will not be broken not again in the light though cracks begin to appear in those softly whispered promises his resolve cracks as well he falls into the same routine the same cycle the […]

not like words

she had unreal expectations of me because she thought my words were pretty i knew all i could do was let her down she had built me up into this person i never was mistaking metaphor for truth and truth for metaphor i told her i am not worth the time or tears just because […]

empty the spam

don’t wear a seat belt lest you drown in your own urine, a placard attached to the peg board next to my soul and daddy says come to the kingdom of light and rejoice, i feel a tankard short of a viking funeral two hands for the players, one for the house, keep your sentences […]

ménage à trois

our relationship was a ménage à trois, this love that we shared, those secrets we bared it was her, me and crippling emotional divestment sharing a mattress of exposed springs and pillows wet with tears she’d tie me in knots with her pretty tongue and leave me drenched in sweaty denials when she placed her […]


she looked and his heart raced and stopped in one agonizing moment of dichotomous freezing and burning, he felt like a magician’s assistant being sawed in half, no false limbs though, just ripped in two and flushed with rapturous joy i’m think i’m done writing love odes about the things i want but have no […]