lessons harshly learned

every lie you laid
like a hen
in the roost
that you sat on
let hatch
knowing the damage
they would do
but taking
great pleasure
in the chaos
you willingly
have sown
one day
they will come back
to you
like the million daggers
into those
that have trusted
none shall gather
your crocodile tears
nor take pity
upon you
as they will know it
as your
just desserts
a day of reckoning
a willful reminder
of pain inflicted
for sport
i will never
understand why
what made me
the target
of your spite
for the year
i lost
in good faith
and i will never


One thought on “lessons harshly learned

  1. Wow, that felt like a gutpunch but a gutpunch that felt good. Does that even make sense? Good poem is what I’m trying to say.

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