writing in water

the world was spinning
a teacher once
told me that
among a million other
lies taught
filling my skull
with many half truths
to prepare a child
for a life on a cold
dead rock hurtling
around a slowly dying
ever hungering star

a pretty blue marble
suspended in disbelief
a million miles
from answers
confusing miracles for
random acts of chaos
burning heretics for
theorizing what those
answers may truly be

humanity is a blemish
on an otherwise
perfectly dead universe
trillions of planets
but god chose this one
to let his failed
experiments wreak havok
collapsing worm holes
fluctuating pulsars
and twinkling lights
of rampant entropy
lure us into the dark
of half death restfulness

if you work hard
you can achieve all of
your heart’s desires
a little elbow grease
a dab of gumption
and you will be shocked
at how far you plummet
more state approved lies
forcefed with funnels
down innocent throats
to fatten the dream livers
so the elite can feast
on the finest faux gras

the world was spinning
wobbling drunkenly
around an ever expanding
ball of fire and filth
my skull is filled
to the brim with their
brainwashing techniques
as i saw myself in half
to fulfill someone else’s
dream of a white picket
cage surrounding
a prison we only ever
truly occupy in ways
that never really mattered
scratching our initials
into waves and wondering
why we are so easily
forgotten as the
tides recede in fits of
sputtering lunacy

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