autum(n)al desires

i am indistinct
a vessel overladen
with adoration

writhing blissfully
in sweat soaked sheets

a discombobulation
of bioluminescence
beneath paper thin skin
flashing prose
in softly whispered
declarations of love
as dawn breaks

red hot steel
precariously set
upon ribbons of steel
loaded with
an overabundance of
earnest affection
racing full throttle
ever forward
to break the membrane
separating dream
from a reality of
new spectrums of pleasure

i am the shadow
of her immaculate heart
contentment in chaos
an echo of desire
undulating effervescence
as my tongue runs
from the arch
of her foot
to the heaven
between her thighs
lost in the symphony
of our heartbeats
blended into one
singular perfection


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