in one soft moment of light

the breeze carries
the feel of
microscopic lethargy
in macroscopic disdain
or maybe
that is reversed
unable to decide
if laziness
or petty indignation
hold sway over
the gray may day

between the roaring
black smoke belching
hedge clippers
clumsily shaping
topiary cubes
out of the secret
lair of the sparrows
to the blank stare
of the lawnsmen
trying to beat
the storms that swirl
threateningly above
there is no peace
to be had
on this dreary morning

and at last
the tsunami of sound
the sparrows have
returned to roost
sunlight trickles down
a haze of gold
the world
as pastel dreamslivers
insert themselves
behind my eyes
everything is
lovingly draped
in shades of you

in the distance
the buzzing sound
angry mechanical
locusts wailing
sings distorted
as i close the shades
the last vestige of
to cast shadows
of quiet cuddles
along jutting ribs
holding together
microscopic fractures
in a macrocosm
of intangible desire


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