poet’s quiver (a collaboration with EC)

I’ve been a little bit of hell (she is heaven) with a tender side but always making mouths bleed (i lick the crimson dripping down her chin). I have collected a quiver of sacred words (her every verse casts divinity), arrows dipped in poets blood, but vengeance isn’t in me so they fly through the air with no place to land (i throw myself into the hail of arrows, willing them to pierce my flesh with her poetry). You’ve given me an irregular pulse, so calming and it’s become my egress into softer living. (her heartbeat pounds within my head, inebriating the shallows of my every breath)

Some days my heart looks like portions of an old birds nest, waiting to be used again. (into her chest i crawl, the only sense of home in a world of scattered pain) Yet nighttime saves me, consisting of whispers of your name. (she calls to me, a siren leading me through the dusk of my soul) The curve of my hip is a home for your lips, branding me with your teeth and your fire tongue. (and in her supple perfection i sketch my desire upon her flesh, as she carves her name into my tongue)

You climb my mind like a spider making webs of light in all the dark places. My rainfall against your syllables landed the rhythm and sealed the cadence and I felt the resurrection. (she has encoded herself into the very fabric of my being, revealing the love once draped in darkness. her squalls batter down the walls so carefully constructed with the tempo of her prose. reborn in her verse)

EC has mined the best pieces of me and graciously allowed me to place them amidst her heavenly flow. I am blessed.

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