feeding demons w/EC

there is a sweet perversion in this antithesis of being a thrumming echolocating divine misfortunes to blossom writhing on the innocent skin of raging wonder Tell me something I don’t know. Instead of crushing little elegies that stain the soul ashy and bruise the bones. A stuttering rendition of what we lost and how to […]

stutterstep w/EC

the moon and stars locked in stutterstep incandescent illusion intricate delusion i sought my center there i found you What if our soulmates are poems or star songs, or the way the light bends the shadow of a tree? Or waves of a cold dark sea across tender places never touched before? The darkness inside […]

mood w/EC

There are many ways to leave someone, ligature marks are only one There are bruises over bruises over a deeper, understanding heart and over my fingertips I know there are secrets in the trees but they are never in the moon or my scarlet-blue bleeds because of certain hearts and the way they fit with […]

dim-lit reflection w/EC

there is a ringing in my head a hollow moon an uncut jewel a marching band of the indecently deceased Unplanned indentations in the paragraphs of my existence only served to complicate an already knotty semblance of self. A gigantic surly indifference took control and a contrite note in the key of b-natural buried herself […]

sleep drafts w/EC

Folding words at the threshold of your sudden laughter I’m still farfetched and easily damaged. Driving home soul gravity with echoing intention, Liquid starlight beckons a low-key desire the wind swirls over the beach, the taste of salt with the hint of grit, a reminder that all was once under the purview of the sea, […]

page bleed w/EC

the schism opens across the sky tongues of emerald dancing Nothing moved but his tongue across his power lip. Her edges softened as her teeth closed mercilessly on her tongue. She glanced upward, her glasses slipped forward as the sky turned a magical shade of lavender. Opiating into a daydream of curved spines and sun […]

bred in absentia w/EC

a radial fracture spiralling into the eye of the storm brewing just at the edge of her transient stare Common misconception, personal demons are easily understood by others. My hunger for tenderness and sensitivity is found in the gift of spring and reawakenings. My sin is cyclical and full of glowing embers, repetitive in its […]

the death of innocence; the loss of her w/EC

the azure tinted moon sending chalk dust tears to shimmer slightly through the spectrum of unintended sadness rendered in monotonous shades of inverted dream It really didn’t matter how happy she was, how pleasant the world seemed, there was always something lurking under the surface of her skin. Maybe it felt like tingling but she […]

narrow w/EC

I’ve wondered what music feels like to normal hearts, but before long I just settle into the silence. (she slides across my skin like a spring breeze, her words grasp hard and i never want them to let me go) As a three am ache hits me, I realize we simply weren’t meant to survive […]

all moons w/EC

the moon hung slender a curved fang stabbing hungrily at the restless waves Sometimes we cross dead ends like cherry blossoms in the wind and wonder why we end up in empty space without any warning. Trying to light flames of regret or burning anger in hopes we can feel our way out of the […]

upscale graffiti w/EC

Her tangled limbs of no regret touch your kiss and slip between your pages, her tarnished metal lockbox fills with hearts and bones and pieces of planets. his jigsaw psyche of earnest affections fill the pen marks you scratch carefully, his insatiable need flows into the lock tickling tumblers to the universe inside. She carefully […]

terminal w/EC

in the misty mornings of incomprehensible sorrows calculating inifinities eagerly seeking the right combination that leads to her heart They loved in midnight blues and should have known betters. They parked in dreams and whittled sentences into sorrowful sounds. They covered the horror of everyday things with fairytale kisses and found beauty at their fingertips. […]

adjusting to light w/EC

I don’t always know what made me, the morning sun, my mother’s womb or morning rituals of loves greatest losses. My loneliness feels ancient and I’m not blaming anyone. Not even the last life I lived in the creases of every scrap of raw silk. I saw the singular loop of unrestraint and taught myself […]

wishlist folds w/EC

i trace my fingers along the spirals of the fossil, the calcified ridges rough against the callous callused touch of my absent wandering Wonder me into realization, Take my stubborn appetite and what goes beyond fault on my thornless primrose path of soft ash and inky toes i fall happily into the cracks willingly exploring […]

sandwich w/EC

your fingers tear prophecies out of my skin like art, i read enough classics to fool myself into thinking i had it all figured out; beauty, joy, happiness, love your teeth in my wrist rip time ignoring war and risk it took one kiss from her lips to cut those definitions from my mind to […]

lip service w/EC

i have seen unnatural disasters in the most beautiful sighs, bleed them into mason jars to catch the sunlight as it ripples through the trees, to use as watercolors down the curve of her surrender in broad strokes She’d watch the trembling in his eyes, felt the isolation fall from his fingertips as the grey […]

angular flames w/EC

you smile at me, sharp a sweet kitten, with a lone scared canary, to move like a razor over my constricting throat I don’t have a means to an end, just instinct and a blend of honey and lemon that makes every touch sting. There’s beautiful footage of little trapped butterflies with their wings beating […]

water myths and echos w/EC

gone, past the edge of winter, she was gone, gone, gone, a last swirl of snowflakes spinning in her passing the sparrows hop, from branch to branch, in curious titillation, the red squirrels skitter in search of forage the wind blows vaguely from the east, lackadaisically over the fields of infertile blessing The vacant stares […]

meet me at the corner of the ocean /EC

she sat on a rock, which was odd as the rock was in the middle of the water, sticking up like the angry finger of poseidon, with her, sitting majestically under the full moon as if this barnacle crusted stone was a throne, carved from bones of sea itself Disdain? Yes, perfect word for the […]

time left alone w/EC

I dreamed of the weight of your hand on my hip and a labyrinth of silences tenderly landscaped by harsh words and solitary sentences i dreamed of the salt of your flesh on my tongue and of kharma and tao as portrayed in the subtle way the moon controls the tides I’ve been a peony […]

pastel slip w/EC

Someplace inside those strung out little miracles, it’s still raw. somewhere inside these jagged little vivsections, it’s pure magic Monumental love notes in the key of peony petals are snows deepest secrets and my hearts finest healing black ice on the byways between thoughts, a blizzard of pollen tickling the edges of the afterglow of […]

(un)written w/EC

in the morning song of the sparrow, i hear your voice She wants to touch him the way his music does, fluidly and on his knees in the silver light of the moon, i feel your presence Her bottom line is showing and it’s his name written in flower petals under the magenta skies, the […]

morning rust w/EC

her lips like silk against the smooth skin of my shoulder as her breath danced along sending chills down my spine She always loved the tone of my laugh, it wasn’t just the sound, she’d say, but the tone. She described it as naked, raw and like a cinema of memories, miracles and glittering geodes. […]

ash w/EC

Sometimes light is layered between shadows of turquoise fauns and raspberry Jell-O shots. Sometimes my sin tastes like the cool edge of indifference and your fingers. I’m just a girl with a head full of garden flowers and imaginary oceans and darkness like you’ve never witnessed before. When I break open the untouched depths of […]

violent silhouette w/EC

she wore a shell a diaphonous spiral that draped her like paper mache over the tchotckes in her effervescent heart She came from violence, She bit her lips and swallowed the blood as flesh rearranged itself. She spit her teeth out one by one and washed the charred skin daily to keep wounds fresh. When […]

once upon a time w/EC

it begins the vacuous space begins to shudder there is a pressure the moment after a deep cut before the blood wells up when everything is sitting on the cusp of either fine or fire Never entirely sure what things signified endings and what represented new beginnings, she winced under the weight of his words. […]

until we disappear w/EC

each day everything breaks a little bit more but each night my petals sashay around my heart whispering your name. my tongue melts poetry through your flesh as moonlight tends our wounded souls she described a sunset, walked me through it in reverse, spinning the globe the direction she chose, utterly regardless to simple physics, […]

snowball w/EC

My vicious is caught between your teeth and you hold it against your tongue gently, giving me many breaths of a heartbeat that belongs to you, only you. there are a million tales of love at first sight, one for every wave reflecting the moon, but they will talk about what we became long after […]

halo w/EC

I’m too late to be an angel she’s too early to see my horns I’ve got penance stuck in my tender veins and I won’t dare let you come up for air i kneel on broken glass, crawl through a forest of thorns just to taste her air of supplication The intersection of love and […]

allegory w/EC

the ink swirls across the blank page that is our story slowly filling in the page with words cast in images cast in flames cast in the purity that only comes from rolling in the dirt for far too long the sunflower stares at the sun bobbing its head in the breeze as clouds wrap […]

love anyway w/EC

i swim in your ocean diving through your deep beauty an invertebrate unafraid of being crushed by the pressure inherent in one as endlessly magnificent as you The never ending strike in the knowledge we don’t see ourselves in the way other people do. It becomes a philosophical query nearly every time, do we have […]

slip w/EC

at the sight of you i feel the incalculable weight of a thousand kisses fall like an avalanche across my chest breathing becomes labored as every cell screams not for oxygen but the rapture of your embrace i am lesser for your absence yet infinitely more for the simple joy of knowing you You slip […]

glare w/EC

the sun glared down, spiteful in the otherwise pleasant day, her malevolence seemed particularly pointed, magnified in sweltering petulance Old sleep like webs of light and tree roots tangled in my hair, yesterdays stolen petals being replaced with thorns the fish glared up, curious as to the world beyond, shapes seemed to dart in the […]

pretty mouth w/EC

o’er the fields of lavender down the cobblestone paths winding through fairy tale forests a ring of mushrooms a beam of golden light your name weighs heavy upon my tongue your smile in each and every heaving breath i wait for you to saw me in half my every instinct is to believe in your […]

poetic bliss (w/EC)

It’s not me I’m worried about, she screams, i pull out of her embrace, let loose a spray of ink across her unstained flesh, i scream as well, through tears, desperate to read the hidden images before it all fades away, her blue lips part in a smile that deepens the mystery it’s poetry and […]

droplets (w/EC)

It didn’t even hurt right away and I wasn’t sure if that’s because of the numbing sensation of regular living or if I was stupidly unprepared Mesmerized, I watched the droplets collect and become heavy with disdain as I held my heart high and they fell with a shameless splash. a good cut, deep, those […]

deciphered landscapes (w/EC)

I have bent like the wildflower fields under the windy darkest night. I have broken everything and had to put it back together. I’m aware we have never crossed paths. Yet I’m caught by the shore of your lips and the asylum of your caresses. We should count the poems we write and our day […]

cold sun spot (a collaboration w/EC)

there is an oil slick between waking and dreaming, a rancid film that separates the two worlds there is a cold spot on the surface of the sun, a lone sanctuary amid the bubbling heat of plasma Vacancy mixed with the smell of burning flesh. Must be morning and I must have been dreaming again. […]

stare (a collaboration with EC)

I watched the crowd gather outside, as if word had gotten out. I was glad we had the triple locks on our doors although I questioned their placement only briefly before I was distracted by his gaze. I don’t think he’s ever fully realized the weight of his stare. It grabs me, like hands around […]

fold it up (a collaboration with EC)

The cold follows me into every room and I don’t like the air between your lips and mine (it started small, small enough we could ignore it, a bad day turned into a week, turned into a month, turned into she couldn’t look at me without the side of her mouth, that mouth that had […]

breaking intimacy (a collaboration with EC)

when i woke this morning, it was easy to misinterpret the heron’s call through the static I stood in the door shadow of the narrow cellar steps immersed in the hallucinogenics of summer and the hard slap of fall the world felt musty, the sky seemed dusty, everything felt slightly askew, as I took wobbling […]

bled in (a collaboration with EC)

I sit every morning on the other side of his coffee cup just waiting to hear him remind me of things, tease me and listen to him laugh, as I hold my legs tightly together so he can’t notice what he does to me. But he always notices, and I see the color of his […]

passage (a collaboration with EC)

i watched the snow fall, fat flakes that melted as soon as they hit the windshield, i didn’t bother with the wipers, just watched the water run down Hold my hand dear snowbird Let’s make little cocoons and bury our treasured scars Let’s skip this season and the hardest winds she was a patch of […]

the sea’s soft secret (a collaboration with EC)

weary whimsy with woven wings As I sat still watching the pre dawn ocean I knew I wasn’t his fault. I was no ones fault. Maybe I was thinking how I wished I were the lilacs to the intermittent raindrops in his pale blue calm. heretical heartspells heave hollow hell I’m truly a small town […]

poet’s quiver (a collaboration with EC)

I’ve been a little bit of hell (she is heaven) with a tender side but always making mouths bleed (i lick the crimson dripping down her chin). I have collected a quiver of sacred words (her every verse casts divinity), arrows dipped in poets blood, but vengeance isn’t in me so they fly through the […]

susurrous (a collaboration with EC)

the leaves have changed color, shedding the emerald hue for yellows and reds, the winds have cooled and the world feels slower i couldn’t tell you the day, the date or even the time, it’s daytime, the dancing shadows through the canopy tell me that much I looked up to see the swirling of parchment […]

becoming poetry (a collaboration with EC)

If you love a poet, you become poetry. Sometimes I wake up with remnants of words on the soft pulse of my wrist and think maybe he’d left them there. I watched him stand quite still on the patio listening to the little birds. I sat a tiny bit too hard on the soft chair […]

blue stone moon (a collaboration with EC)

Life, based on the one about the woodpile, the bed of leaves and losing my panties. We entered utopia unprepared and so goddamn satisfied with it. I’ve wondered, do you now exist there? Content for eternity? I don’t think it’s only the strong that survive, it has to be only the weakest. I’ve withered and […]

grave (a collaboration with EC)

I broke, we broke, like moonlight over that shadowy elm, like sunlight under the bedroom door, spilling my insides all over, i bathed in her shimmering aura My petals hit the ground like tear drops, i reached frantically at the airy bits of color, and my stems have broken at the roots, dandelion dander drifts […]

insanity’s sonnet (a collaboration)

we are born with a hunger, I feel it pressing me against the wall breathing on the nape of my neck. the clock ticks, it fills the room with urgency, like a hive of angry bees with judgmental stares weaving in between the silent moments, drawn forward by instinct, seeking the pollen hidden between the […]

morning rust (a collaboration)

her lips like silk against the smooth skin of my shoulder as her breath danced along sending chills down my spine. She always loved the tone of my laugh, it wasn’t just the sound, she’d say, but the tone. She described it as naked, raw and like a cinema of memories, miracles and glittering geodes. […]

unrequited, a collaboration

he spun words into silk for her to drape across her body, he had nothing more to offer her, alas, the words would never be enough there was always someone better, more deft at weaving, more able at stringing turns of phrase into works of art she deserves so the fool did one last act […]

blood water (a collaboration)

it was the light kiss of the razor, skimming across hot flesh, unblinking eyes and shaking fingers And I was tired, not sleepy but where your bones ache and your skin is a million nerve endings of pin pricks and goddamns. I could feel the passion in the room full of ultimatums ropes all taut. […]

one slip, for the punished (a collaboration)

It’s through shallow eyes And loose fingers Which you grip the world So much easier To slip Through my icy embrace Than to accept For a moment My silence is not For nothing You see it As sin When I keep walking Stepping over, on And around Peering with vacant eyes And gnarled claws With […]