one slip, for the punished (a collaboration)

It’s through shallow eyes
And loose fingers
Which you grip the world
So much easier
To slip
Through my icy embrace
Than to accept
For a moment
My silence is not
For nothing
You see it
As sin
When I keep walking
Stepping over, on
And around
Peering with vacant eyes
And gnarled claws
With which to throttle the void
Choosing to fall
Into that frozen stare
To rage in defiance
For all of time
Against the accursed silence
The sinful blanket
That smothers
Threatening to walk away
Flee then coward
Avoidance a tool
In which to punish
The world

©river dixon and m ennenbach 2019

river dixon is one of the best poets/writers going. a singular force that never disappoints. i kept not so subtly hinting at the honor writing with him would bring. to my amazement i got to. buy his books, read his words, thank me later. few people are as genuinely good as a person and as a writer as he is.

19 thoughts on “one slip, for the punished (a collaboration)

      1. I LOVE writing with River. He’s a fucking brilliant genius. He pushes me to be a better writer.

        And you do so much more than you realize. I liked writing with you because you take my mind in a little different direction. And you’re so good, I have to be on top of my game to not make it look like a six year old wrote with you.

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