blood water (a collaboration)

it was the light kiss of the razor, skimming across hot flesh, unblinking eyes and shaking fingers

And I was tired, not sleepy but where your bones ache and your skin is a million nerve endings of pin pricks and goddamns. I could feel the passion in the room full of ultimatums ropes all taut. A galaxy and a universe taking the long way home. Our eyes were locked, stung and swollen red, but I wasn’t in the mood for a battle I could win without a challenge so I looked down. Thats when I saw the tremble in his finger, just his index finger, against his cold glass of Chardonnay.

it was a promise, a threat, inexplicable in the sheer ferocity of tremulous need and desperate desire

He was afraid, that was a thought I hadn’t even contemplated. I felt the ache in my chest as I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. When I opened them he was up, moving suitcases to the door. He asked if I wished things were different and his voice was shaking. I said I wished he wasn’t going anywhere and I wished this life was different. That seemed to antagonize him and he sat down with his head in his hands. He whispered in a sob, “I can’t make life without you work.” Oh God, the scarcity of winter but such an abrasive wind.

it was the salty taste of blood in the water, coppery scented mist fading in the riptides, two separate swirls fighting to be free

We weren’t well. Are two people so passionately entwined ever really well? Cupid hits us with those arrows and sometimes I think they’re poisoned tipped and hollow scraped. Our common sense erodes away until we’re one large mass of emotion and fret. And we weren’t well. The silver shine between his fingers caught my eye. As a sudden clarity was found in a mutual smile and soft touch of one lip to another, I watched the silver blade cut through my wrist, then across both our wrists together and then back to his. We are forged.

it was a vivid crimson splash, fading into pink across the gently rippling water, as two separate swirls slowly become one

I don’t try and hide my love and admiration for the works of EC. I think she is a singular force of nature in the written word. This is compounded by the fact that she has acted as a sounding board, friend, confidante and muse to me for months now. She never ceases to blow me away with every new piece she posts. I am over the moon that she relented and wrote with me. I hope this is just the first of many.

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