fold it up (a collaboration with EC)

The cold follows me into every room and I don’t like the air between your lips and mine (it started small, small enough we could ignore it, a bad day turned into a week, turned into a month, turned into she couldn’t look at me without the side of her mouth, that mouth that had created heaven from hell, that spilled sin across my flesh until it dwelled in my every crevice, lifted in derision) I put my head down and I locked my door knowing it didn’t matter (the lock clicked, but i felt it in my chest, in my throat) What’s was coming was coming and you can’t do a damn thing about it (powerless in the face of the deep purple that writhed in her eyes) I won’t forget you and how you chewed on my black cherry heart. (savoring every drop of her sticky blood as it ran down my chin) I won’t forget you and how your eyes opened my veins and your lips filled them with honeyed blood (infected with the truth that once was an inoculation from the poisons that became another poison itself) I’m one holy word moving toward the next sinful sigh and I’m mad about it.

EC inspires me to push myself and let’s my words melt into hers. There is an abandon in true creative bliss.


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