we all stand by the water’s edge feeling as the cold slowly climbs a gradual drowning so many loved ones have disappeared beneath the waves the emptiness reflected in the placid lapping i close my eyes lock your smile into my mind as the the water tickles the tip of my nose uncaring of the […]

stopping point

he wasn’t sad or angry or bitter or lonely or chagrined he wasn’t heartbroken or sick he was just done. the void has a way of insinuating itself into the most mundane days or sending a tendril to darken the brightest ones. it was then as he made a pot of coffee too late into […]

the last farrier

the last farrier in the combustion era shoeing the mares out of senseless sensibility striking the orange metal shaping the horseshoe with hammer and tongs he works mechanically rote muscle memory he shares more in common with the automobiles than the people that drive them after a long day at the forge he splashes cool […]

fold it up (a collaboration with EC)

The cold follows me into every room and I don’t like the air between your lips and mine (it started small, small enough we could ignore it, a bad day turned into a week, turned into a month, turned into she couldn’t look at me without the side of her mouth, that mouth that had […]