passage (a collaboration with EC)

i watched the snow fall, fat flakes that melted as soon as they hit the windshield, i didn’t bother with the wipers, just watched the water run down

Hold my hand dear snowbird

Let’s make little cocoons and bury our treasured scars

Let’s skip this season and the hardest winds

she was a patch of black ice that caused me to spin out of control, i fought every instinct and let myself go with it, sometimes there is beauty in letting go

I’ve been gone, I’ve been wasted and there’s blood everywhere

The days forgot to love me, the nights twisted my words

I’m at that indefinable edge and I know somethings coming

when i crashed into her, flying through the windshield like suspended gems in the air, i didn’t plead with god or buddha, didn’t have to, she was proof of divinity enough

Heaven always wants me but there’s a reason it never gets me and I think that reason is you, I couldn’t ever wash sins away or right wrongs but maybe there’s more I just can’t see written in the stars

maybe it was because we were both walking catastrophes, that it was easy to see through the debris to find the soul long buried in the snowbank of frigid loneliness

The naked layers of soft discoveries

The rhythm in the ice breaks and soul settlings

Watching everything become magic

or maybe it was just that the two of us had spent so long skating the ever thinning ice, we knew to appreciate having someone alongside in case the surface opened up

Like the moment before anything else exists

When courage is quiet and one of us is dangerous

And we feel everything the other doesn’t write about

i don’t know, i don’t care

it had been a long winter, she was a crackling fire, and at last, i was content

I always care but I still don’t know, and winter has become the warmest chill

EC has this ability where she balances heaven and hell on her tongue, letting the most wondrous poetry spill onto the page she makes me a better writer just by proximity


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