dead man float

when i was a kid
i would bob
on the swimming pool waves
with my face down
in the water
the shadows dance
across the bottom

unaware of
the self fulfilling prophecy
drowning in the sea
baptized by poseidon
destined to return
to the sea foam
from which i sprang
fully broken
to stagger
across the cracked rocks
along the shore
drawn to her
sultry motion

my dead man float
practiced from youth
to an art form of

it is why
i fall so freely
into you
i have no fear
of drowning
because it has
already been
as a suitable fate
so let me swim
in you
my love
i breathe your
saltwater immaculance
through these
hand-carved gills

my dead man float
the ebony waves
your caress against
the back of my neck
as you pull me
into the subtle majesty
of drowning
in pursuit of passion

slowly sinking
in your swaying waves
until all the remains
are my refrains
written across you


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