hidden scars

there is always a part of the broken soul that is kept hidden a secret a pain that isn’t shared a shame scratched deep into the soul but she gets it there is something frightening but comfortable in knowing you don’t have to hide or pretend sometimes you aren’t falling apart i could never show […]


i can tell your fingers knocking on the door smell your perfume from two miles away fight or flight ignites in my chest but i know i am flightless an ostrich with my head buried deep in the sand how long did it take to see the truth in you even with all the shit […]

dead man float

when i was a kid i would bob on the swimming pool waves with my face down in the water watching the shadows dance across the bottom unaware of the self fulfilling prophecy drowning in the sea baptized by poseidon destined to return to the sea foam from which i sprang fully broken to stagger […]

one winged

the one winged raven like silver maple seeds spins in the vast azure above a feathered cyclone whipping dirt stinging the chafed skin of ruddy cheeks i squint into the sun to stare without knowledge as the raptor grows closer inquisitive yet filled with fear black feathers like daggers slice i let my arms fall […]