johnny appleseed

he was a modern day
johnny appleseed
casting his soul
across the infertile earth
with every turgid ode
to absently spin
in her
sense of entitlement
all while
blindly spilling his
into the wind
can never be determined
by the emptiness
when i love you
stopped being more
than eight random letters
she vomited
in rote response

the emotional equivalent
of the postal service
quivering slabs
brown paper wrapped
thinly sliced
from the tender
of the poetically
defective detective
joy or pain
with gritted teeth
willingly walking
into this cyclone
of razor blades
five people think
he is beautiful
when he bleeds

a modern day
johnny appleseed
a goddamned fool
with thousands of reasons
to not doubt
his meaningless legacy
of gnarled trees
that only curl deeper
their own
rough embrace
yielding no fruit
just lumps of coal
for a spark

5 thoughts on “johnny appleseed

    1. I’m actually really good. But sometimes the words are sad. I don’t control it, I just let them say what they need to do they can pass on. A human ouija board. That could be a poem.


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