of pomegranate kisses and fires left unchecked

her pomegranate stained lips
leave a trail
of bloody kisses
down the rigidity of all
i try to suppress

the world is silent
except for her breathing
a symphonic array
from her lungs
combined with my need
to launch the entire room
into chaos of action
as my hands play
down her bare legs

still she sleeps
lulled into my dreamscape
waves of pleasure
lapping against the silence
in ebbs and whirls
of incomprehensible desire

tracing light fingertips
with heavily callused scars
from ankle to inner thigh
in slow desperation

a fierce determination
in the subtle motions
of lustful need
her sleeping form reacts
with involuntary muscle
the external stimuli
igniting the fires
within her dreams

her eyes flicker open
a slight smile
turns those deep crimson lips
as the tentative fingers
grow bolder
exploring the casual wetness
with light circles
as hungry tongues dance
while moans well up
in the back of her throat
to pulse
throughout the room

the sparks of desire
light the kindling
of this offering
until bare timbers
turn to embers
around us

she runs a pink tongue
across those vermillion lips
as her brown eyes
roll back
until all that remains
is her quivering body
on the slick sheets
of potential wildfire

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