like insomnia

hold me like insomnia, love me like depression, fill the empty half of the bed i can never quite lay in for fear of crushing your memory, in memorial of what slipped like grains of sand through the hourglass shape of you in my mind

wrap your arms around me like pain, paint my skin with flecks of blood and bile as your eyes stare hate and your lips murmur words of love into uncomprehending ears, your blue lips upon my throat, your hands seeking purchase in the only part of me that ever made us one autonomous unit

your poison courses through my veins and deadens the nerveless chatter of my broken jaw and shattered smile, your hands grip tight to choke the life out of me and i welcome the sweet darkness of your spirit, i’m a possession possessed by your need for less and desire for more than i can ever hope to be

just hold me like insomnia, fill my core like anxiety, set loose a panic stricken need for you and your adoring hatred, love me like depression and leave my dried out corpse on the bed of nails and regret we once called home in muted whispers in the desolate corner of my head

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