no matter
the length of time
i have spent
covered in sweat
striking hammer to chisel
to the undefined block
in hopes of the coveted you
springing forth
fully nude
to ease the hunger
burning in my belly
clumsy hands
lead to an avalanche of dust
that sticks to my damp skin
sparks erupt
with every desperate strike
gently brushing
to reveal the minute detail
within the stone
that haunts
my every waking thought
seeking to read
the impassive rigidity
in hopes
of understanding you
in a way no man
has ever conceived
elevating you
to near deification
as spasmodic waves
of glorious rapture race
in every downstroke
the reverberation
traveling through
the emptiness
between my cells
the emptiness
between our quivering forms
the emptiness
that is a world
where you exist
but do not fall asleep
in my arms

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