her clean taste
onto my tongue
no matter how much
i taste
i cannot get enough
as her moans
fill the room
i need
and more
of her divinity
to infuse my being
she begs me to stop
at the edge
of insanity
that just makes me
want to drive my tongue
makes me want
to suck
to bite
to pinch
to rub
i stare at her
as she writhes
across the sheets
our eyes locked
with her
perfectly formed
heaving between us
her legs
wrapped around
pulling my face
as her hands
clasp my temples
holding me in place
her hips
as another wave
of pleasure
down tanned skin
her muscles

she is every dream come true
she is mine

and i?

i am her’s


6 thoughts on “her’s

  1. Things like this can be challenging, I know we’ve talked about this before simple because of the things I’ve shared with you, but it’s a fine line between too much until it’s a turn off or just enough so it takes where you intend a reader to be.
    You have this down pat 🙂

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  2. wow it is so hard not to put myself into the character of this poem. I had to read it twice, one for self gratification 😜 another for appreciation of a simple yet powerful erotica.

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