she makes me want to slice her open and taste her from the inside, to run my tongue and teeth across heart and lungs

i know how that sounds

i just don’t care

she fills me with a ravenous need for more and more than she could possibly give

but i will take whatever she deems willing to share

i want to carve my initials upon her soul with an unholy mark of lust and lunacy

tear out my own heart and send it to her surrounded by deep violet roses and crumpled odes to forever penned in tears

she fills me with incomprehensible need i don’t know how to satiate

all i know is i need more

in the air above a lone hawk calls out, circling lazily on the thermals while scanning the ground below for signs of prey, it is patient but filled with an instinctual drive to fold it’s wings in close and dive at dangerous speeds to the dirt and stone, to snatch the rabbit hopping unaware in it’s talons and soar ever higher before dropping it’s meal onto the rocks and shatter it’s bones and rupture the sweet succulent organs within, it has no thought but intensity and need, playing by rules coded into the very being of what it is

i don’t know if i am hawk or rabbit


i don’t care

but if i don’t heed this inescapable need

give in to the driving force

i’m no better than the stone below

the cold rock with nothing but the buffeting wind slowly reducing it to gravel

long since losing the urge for more


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