a warning

having trouble catching the air, like breathing under water

feel so cold even as the fever flares

If this is the end let it come, i’m ready

so tired of feeling this way and ready for a fight

bring your pale horse you rotten bastard, i’ll feed it apples til it chokes

your scythe means nothing nor does your vacant stare

pennies for the ferryman and middle fingers for the reaper

if you come for my soul you best be ready

won’t be any quaking in your skeletal gaze

not like it’s the first time i’ve stared you down

a friend said the beautiful seem to always burn out young

if that’s the case i’ll live forever

so come thanatos, come macha, come anubis, come hel

send all the valkyries, draugr and shinigami at your disposal

bring ah puch, the great wolf, mot and baal

i’ll bathe in a river of blood and souls, sickness or not

you are the ones that tempered this soul in the flames of perdition

guess you didn’t know it prepared me for war

so come and bring those hounds of hell with you

this fever will break as i crush your skulls beneath my vans

fear me, for i am made ready

and when all is said and done, and i stand on your putrid corpses

remember this

you were warned

and with stranger aeons, even death may die – howard philip lovecraft


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