a final kiss

my friends my friends i’ve discovered i am dying

this incurable disease called life is slowly killing me

oh how i scream in frustration

bellowing out to the heavens to save me

for the lips i have yet to kiss and breasts left to ogle

i need another hundred years, make it two i beg you

there are fields to despoil and trees left to climb

there are poems to write and words left to…

it will come to me

tree left to climb and words left to…

already the malady has taken root deep inside

my guts churn and joints ache

damn you

medical practioners and scientists and chemists and witches

damn you

philosophers and philanthropists and whores and librarians

what good did any of you do except for momentary pleasure

and still i am dying by inches while you count all your riches and soon i’ll be nothing but dust

when i get to those pearly gates

or probably some place a tad bit warmer

i’ll spit in the faces of all those in charge for the indignity of life with an ending

curses to eve for taking a bite of the apple

curses to you pandora for your curiousity

a curse and a pox on all the snake oil salesmen and pharmaceutical companies

what good is an erection to a dead man

or twenty twenty vision for a corpse

nay friends there is no cure for living

just a long nap when it is done

no reincarnation please

i will most likely end up a bug on a windshield

or a gazelle in the embrace of a lioness

spent enough time doing that as is

so i’m dying i’m dying and there is no hope

it’s ending it’s over it all was a joke

one last kiss is my final request

appease a dying man, won’t you

come sit on my lap and we’ll have ourselves one last hurrah

drink a bottle of brandy and a bottle of wine

and bemoan the fleeting thing that is life together

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