in the end no matter how much you scrub my fingerprints rewrote part of your dna now when the lights flicker or the breeze turns cool across the nape of your slender neck you only remember my breath my lips the way you forgot to breathe when i sat with my hand high on your […]

serpentine kiss

she moved with a sinuous grace one that hypnotized the unwary prey her lips puckered into a kiss that was a fatal ruse as the venom courses nothing matters anymore serpentine tongue tasting as fang pierces lip art poorly drawn by me


she turned to me with a faint smile, trails of blood running down her chin, delight at war with discomfort in her eyes i leaned in to kiss her as she ran her tongue across bloody lips, she smelled of citrus and pennies as she gripped the sides of my face her tongue ran across […]


the porthole had fogged up due to the storms i rubbed it away peered out into the black sky lightning raced across the sky in great arcs gave brief glances at the frothy waves in one such flash i saw her she seemed to ride a wave towards the ship seaweed colored hair with an […]

a final kiss

my friends my friends i’ve discovered i am dying this incurable disease called life is slowly killing me oh how i scream in frustration bellowing out to the heavens to save me for the lips i have yet to kiss and breasts left to ogle i need another hundred years, make it two i beg […]

whiskey and your lips

the taste of whiskey will always be synonymous with your lips, the feel of your hair as i pull it, the taste of your throat as i hold your head back the sweet burn as it goes down and the smell of your perfume as we pull over just so we can kiss some more […]

harvest moon

remember when i didn’t say i love you as i stared into your eyes under the harvest moon the stars gleaming and the wind was chilly and full of the promise of snow and how you looked at me with wide eyes as we were the only two people on the planet for one long […]

full circle

mint flavored ridicule and almond smelling kisses the steady iv drip of saline solutions and serendipitous rainbows comatose copulations and salutations rinse the stained sheets of teenage secretions wet dreams at the dry cleaners milk shakes and ipecac soda fountains focus on your focus to weed out the weakness of rabid earthworms and tentacled terrors […]