maybe the sky is just a dome this world is just a prison shackled with decaying meat suits forced to walk perdition as we submit to the entropy that rules this maximum security sphere but there is something to be said in the honor that exists in existence in this world of sin with you […]

blip (from Cuckoo)

life is an accident a random spark in a pool of haphazardly gathered chaos sure in the end it is all meaningless but look at all the beauty that was created to try and force some sort of order on it all neurotic little apes seeking to place the spilled matchsticks into order casting stereotypes […]


i sat at the table listening as he droned on and on and on his this was swollen some number was elevated his this was out his that was in goddamn man give up curl into a ball die die die for fuck sake lean into the inevitable he looked offended at my eruption my […]


it appeared one of two conditions had been met upon his possibly once striking visage either a swarm of bird sized mosquitoes drained him into the perfect recreation of a human raisin or this man was potentially seven thousand years old he smelled of talcum powder old spice and aggravated rot in a hunched over […]

good intentions

never have what is needed never get what is wanted. the invisible man with the empty account a blank slate no name no recognition. if it were not for the overwhelming sense of loneliness filling the hollow desperation. i would be as devoid of will as i am of talent. another arm of the abyss […]

turtle (s)hell

the turtle floats mindlessly one with the cosmos around it buffeted by the solar gusts it’s painted shell a work of true beauty glistening lights reflecting back into the void of space a reciprocating pulse and hum of phases the turtle is tired millennia spent with the burden of ungrateful life gently spinning around the […]

brief moments

the moon is still up in the daytime sky the satellite casts her gaze down upon the world in faded grace as i stare up in adoration at her pick marked face the funeral procession stretches on for miles as the police officer stands in the cold wind directing them along their sad path down […]

glass eye

sometimes i see life as reflected in a glass eye stuck in a wrinkled face that once held youth like a hostage a prisoner wasted in the hope it softly fell in love but that glass eye rolls across the floor under the couch to never see another sunrise

tea and conversation

i had tea with a vampire it was delightful sitting in the study sipping earl gray surrounded by books with yellowed pages the leather spines broken from centuries of reading it was nice to sit in a room with no mirrors as neither of us care for the damnedable things we talked through the night […]

dallas at 11:36am

she shuffles down the sidewalk in a dirty pair of slippers with smiley face socks crying softly to herself as she listens to a voice on the other end of the phone he walks down the street with the cocky swagger of someone who has absolutely no clue about the state of affairs around him […]


Dear readers Hello, my name is Mike and I am addicted to music and writing and Her. It could be worse, it could be drugs. So I have slipped back into the spell of Idles since they did an NPR Tiny Desk concert Thursday. I’d gone cold turkey for months and suddenly the spiders danced […]

drops, sprays and gouts

there is a pattern to the way blood hits the porcelain tile tear drops, spray, or a flood when the blade pierces your flesh before the white hot pain has a chance to reach your brain you watch the crimson rain down across the floor in disbelief the drops have a delicate ruby quality the […]


she felt like a satin draped coffin as i slid into her the thought made me pause a mixed metaphor that struck a chord in my mind in this act of love making i felt myself dying in pieces as i gave all of myself to her i was inexplicably changed the man that began […]


the world outside is flooded, reclaimed by the lakes, remnants of the glaciers that once carved this land ages ago it is just the birds and i lars sings about yugoslavia being blown to bits, she’s looking to the west, she’s trying to look her best the birds don’t care, this is their land now, […]


the saboteur hands grip the ivory pistol grip like a lover caressing the bare back of his heart’s desire the executioner stares with empty eyes at the well worn handle of his axe so lovingly sharpened red and black the blood pools under the strobing light of forever in succinct and succulent sprays time is […]

the little things in life, pt I

the cars speed past with angry glares to the old woman in the left lane with a blinker that has been on for hours as i pass her, not in nearly the same hurry, ours eyes meet and she smiles it was infectious i smiled back and waved and slowed down to stay next to […]

placated by ash

buffeted by winds that carry slivers of glass this view has been rendered by the brush of bosch flames consume the temporary forever of human conceit life is a transitive state from sleeping to dreaming death is the chill calm of fading pain slipping away subtle shifts in unconscious desire placated by ash


all we are is bags of hollow bones and lost dreams, barely sentient animals filled with the emptiness between cells trickling electricity, slowly falling apart yet beautiful there is something magical in the freak show of life, the happy coincidence of humans being hollow bones and fluidity, held together by butcher parchment and rubbery bits […]


i began this life flying high above the clouds my fingertips trailed in the coldness of space every scar and sorrow a weight upon my soul drawing me closer closer closer to the earth now the skies are a distant memory the clouds on which i rested my head replaced by rock but still i […]


the biggest fear of life is waking from it’s dream or was it a nightmare only the dead can say and they’ve grown quiet so very quiet as of late

it’s way

she smiled up at me it was obvious she had been beautiful before life had it’s way with her. the small little scabs ran down her arms ghosts hid inside of her eyes as well as a hunger that seemed to drive her. she asked me for some change overly eager slightly desperate i frowned […]

(un)titled truths

taking your time means time taken from the end anyway so i dive in head first and make up for it later on i have a way with words making them twist like molding clay from things of beauty into sculptures of decay so let’s play a game we will put our hearts up raise […]


there are rules to the game but no one ever wrote them down so instead we fumble about hoping we are playing it right keeping scores that are arbitrary at best i think i am losing but you seem to be doing great


there was a loud knocking on my door it woke me from a sound sleep i angrily answered a man stood there he was dressed nicely and asked if i was mike i nodded he said i have a delivery for you please sign i scrawled my signature asked who it was from he nodded […]


chills race down his spine someone stepped on his grave his long dead grandmother would have said am i dead he wonders and if so why does it still feel so fucking painful she doesn’t answer of course she doesn’t she’s dead maybe they both are he really can’t tell he wonders as the chills […]

some days it seems

it is inevitable living is just a series of ever failing chemical reactions guided by preprogrammed genetic need determined by societal opinion subject to laws of entropy hurtling towards the end rendering all moot but i like coffee and watching the birds flit between the branches so it is not all bad sometimes

broken eggs

the horizon appears flat but i know it curves how many more things do i see that are just illusions the world is round but every step feels smooth and straight and flat have we all just gotten our sea legs do we cease to see the curvature or does the curvature avoid our line […]


the last time i was surprised was when i realized nothing really surprises me any more the worse things get the more acclimated to being buried alive i get i think i would like to be surprised again but that would require something going right and that seems too far fetched

a final kiss

my friends my friends i’ve discovered i am dying this incurable disease called life is slowly killing me oh how i scream in frustration bellowing out to the heavens to save me for the lips i have yet to kiss and breasts left to ogle i need another hundred years, make it two i beg […]

insomnia for starters

a crash course in staying awake long after your body says sleep be insane depressed turn off the lights and let your brain go wild have you seen that face in the ceiling this week, no, well we’re not sleeping til we do ever experience bouts of deep seated longing for something anything having thoughts […]

a final wish

she knelt on the steps of the pagoda cherry blossoms filled the air around her the wind whistled through the bamboo and the cicadas sang a solemn song of loss and from the hills came the roar of the great beast the sky itself began to burn the doctor cancelled the surgery scheduled an appointment […]

woke up to sullen skies

it was too early to be so angry the cars sat parked on the highway angry faces glared into mirrors at angry faces staring back somewhere ahead angry men shouted at angry men and held up the whole works the angry wail of sirens filled the unmoving roads soon angry men in uniforms would make […]

drag my body

drag my body to the river let it float out towards the sea drag my body to the river don’t shed a tear for me wrap my heart with barbed wire, broken fingers from too many fights, chewed glass every morning, drank gasoline on sleepless nights i didn’t go looking for trouble, but it followed […]

cat and fish

the cat watches the fish swim the fish is in an imbecilic daze swimming in lazy circles there is no thought in it’s vacant little eyes the cat has nothing but malice as it stares i clear my throat a sure sign to her that i know what she is thinking she looks at me […]

no cinder

this life beats me to a pulp and all i can do is curl up in a ball and let fate dry fuck me into oblivion i picture you and it all smooths out a little this a part meant hell this impossible need for more in a world of dwindling hope you shine like […]

brink of jazztinction

thunder lizards on the horizon subtle shaking as they roam closer stark technicolor nightmares viscera a low upright bass off scene buh doom boom boom boom boom boom boom buh doom boom boom boom fingers run down the ivory keys the tyrannosaurus snaps a brush across the cymbal nostrils flared the scent of prey on […]


he came crawling out of the woods, his femur broken and pushed through the skin, the smell of infectious rot permeating the air his eyes unfocused, finger tips covered in blood and the ragged remains of fingernails everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at him as he pulled himself slowly along the ground […]

the world keeps moving

the cat sits watching as the mouse stares at the cheese the dog looks at the cat the spider happily weaves in the candle’s waning light a bird builds a nest in the thick bush just outside while the squirrel scurries a chill begins to settle as the moon shines down on all he sits […]


my mind is a museum, i take guided tours through the musty halls in the quiet moments those brief seconds of peace between bouts of overwhelming sorrow and confusing seconds of energetic need those are the times i am me, like when we talked, the voices grow quiet and all there is is all there […]

how far we haven’t come

can you imagine the sheer chance of crawling out of the seas developing into land based creatures sealing gills stumbling about waiting generations to stop groping blindly slowly gaining the skills to become the dominant species centuries of mistakes and refining skills and for what to mumble in made up words kill in the name […]


i feel like a balloon floating where ever the wind takes me not in charge of my own destiny pulled by a string in the hands of someone i cannot quite make out while buffeted by winds i’m losing helium slowly drifting down a lazy descent for such lofty aspirations if i could i would […]


i wrote a series of dialogues with a fictional co-worker named Mona. just little things to entertain myself. this is the first. they are real stories of me and other co-workers, but with her instead. i’m touching them up because i like them. not all names were changed, screw the innocent “I quit.” “Quit what […]


who am i i don’t know any more me i know the mess stress distress the urge to regress repress digress deflect the question to the uncaring void of forever the only mark a person existed is a couple pairs of scuffed up vans a vaguely human char shape on the couch spontaneously combust all […]


The water in the tub was warm, just shy of hot. It offset the numbing cold of the blood rushing down my arms. I tried to shut the water off but apparently had gone too deep and severed a couple tendons. It didn’t really matter. Wouldn’t be my mess to clean up. Probably for the […]


after a brief reinternment due to pushing too far too fast chapter title in my life story a quick iv bag and fresh script of pain alleviators angry stares and disbelief nurses and doctors and a general sense of disapproval basically dropped off the kids and went straight to the hospital so when they say […]

stops and starts

it’s quiet, the kind of quiet where your heart is the only sound filling the empty room, thwump woosh, thwump woosh birds don’t chirp wind don’t blow sun don’t shine cars don’t drive planes don’t fly water don’t flow she is like light refracted through an icicle, cold and beautiful, but there is a fire […]

day breaks night’s face

the sky is bruised as the sun forces itself upon the sleeping world angrily making the air thick with hostility somehow stripping moisture while saturating it with perspiration from all living things just a haze a nimbus around my vision focusing on all the wrong things and in my periphery i see shimmering bodies that […]


it’s dead it’s dead they came in screaming tears falling down their cheeks what’s dead i asked sure i didn’t care but feigning interest is polite they slobbered onto one another’s shoulders weeping like howling tempests creativity they shout it’s dead i sat back tapped out a cigarette from the crinkled pack and lit it […]


this is her world i’m merely a figment in it a fantastic phantasm another poltergeist to rattle the silverware the splinter in her mind’s eye incorporeal make me a real boy and we can go down by the creek and scare the fish away give me limbs with which to caress you lips to whisper […]


you don’t have all the time in the world as you grasp it the sands fall between your fingers every second you selfishly try to save is another one lost live in the now not in the then the future arrives as you contemplate it’s miseries, mysteries the past grows farther away even as you […]

quam minimum credula postero

as a kid they taught us carpe diem seize the day did you shout it in your head i do when i read it a simple phrase, but one of empowerment as i grew up i saw it used all over reach for your dreams, grab the bull by the horns seize the day ever […]

loss prevention

so much time spent thinking of what was lost as life keeps moving without you everyone loses someone special the nature of entropy in the machine means everyone dies an accident sickness or just worn out parts it is the reality of this life anything that lives will one day cease functioning wrapping yourself in […]