a final wish

she knelt on the steps of the pagoda
cherry blossoms filled the air around her

the wind whistled through the bamboo
and the cicadas sang a solemn song of loss

and from the hills came the roar of the great beast the sky itself began to burn

the doctor cancelled the surgery
scheduled an appointment with a grief counselor instead
told her that time was drawing to a close
this was a fight she couldn’t win

and as the great dragon flew down from the mountain
and coiled it’s huge body around the buildings frame

she stared at it in defiance
even as fear shook her tiny frame
she felt tears well in her eyes but refused to look away

it is hard to put into words
the knowledge of the end
how it comes for everyone
but to know your shelf life
is nearly expired
every single laugh with friends
hug from a loved one
all the sad faces
all the pitying stares

and the dragon stared back a look of respect in it’s emerald eyes
he extended his taloned fist to her and she saw a pearl the size of her head

a wish for you fierce one
anything you want

she stared at beautiful gift and closed her eyes tight and made her wish
the dragon’s eyes grew wide in shock

you are sure little one
you could have anything
you could be cured

she just nodded

then it shall be so

she refused to cry
to succumb to grief
and when her time came
she was surrounded by smiling faces and love
and as she faded away
it began to rain cherry blossoms onto her loved ones
though there was not a tree in sight
and all gathered swore
as the light left her eyes
a grand roar filled the air
they all found themselves smiling

her final act
to remind them of the magic of life

and her spirit soared on the scaled back into the sky
far from fear
far from pain


6 thoughts on “a final wish

  1. … this is beautifully written, it lingers behind in thought like ripples in the water. Mike, the visuals are breathtaking!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, weary, no time for weary. Mike, I sat with my Mom while she laid in intensive care for 40 days and nights. Five days later I held her hand while she passed away. She taught me (in that moment) that if she could be that brave. I could brave any storm life sends my way! And I have! You’re so talented, with a vulnerable heart. Weary?..a hurdle you will conquer! Do what I have done? Throw that weariness over your shoulder and carry on! I wasn’t aware that my named changed. Though I think I know what happened. You out did yourself with that charming tale! Bravo!

        Liked by 1 person

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