her eyes were as clear as a mountain stream and held the same strength and serenity but like the mountains she has steel within her, forged by fires but never broken no matter how it may feel at, times my story is not quite as… my eyes are like a mountain stream after a storm […]

a final wish

she knelt on the steps of the pagoda cherry blossoms filled the air around her the wind whistled through the bamboo and the cicadas sang a solemn song of loss and from the hills came the roar of the great beast the sky itself began to burn the doctor cancelled the surgery scheduled an appointment […]

not yet reticent

do you ever read what you wrote and try and recall the exact moment you knew you were so messed up that it all made sense to you, that those words meant more than random filler ever sift through the remains of your life and try to put the puzzle back together again but it […]

as the world crumbles beneath her

she’s barely holding on as the world crumbles beneath her the sun didn’t rise this morning it hasn’t for so long now she’s forgotten what the warm rays feel like everyday is filled with cold winds of regret and remorse but she keeps getting up continues to check and when the darkness is all she […]