how far we haven’t come

can you imagine the sheer chance of crawling out of the seas

developing into land based creatures

sealing gills

stumbling about

waiting generations to stop groping blindly

slowly gaining the skills to become the dominant species

centuries of mistakes and refining skills

and for what

to mumble in made up words

kill in the name of make believe sky fathers

destroy the sacred world from which life sprang

poisoning the waters that quench

cutting down the trees that give oxygen

to grow so concerned over petty concerns

miserable in a land of wonder

searching for intangibles with commercial aims

and for what


to grow closer to death

but no closer to happiness

it seems like a waste of potential

all the beauty

the music

the pure bliss possible

and we walk with heads down



just as blind as when we first weakly flopped onto dry land

idiots in motion

thinking it is all so important

when all that matters is finding one you love and watching the sun and birds and animals

and laughter

not working

not surviving

but living

have you lived today

or did you just make it through another day

did you even stop to wonder at it

or just let it pass you by

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