insomnia for starters

a crash course in staying awake long after your body says sleep

be insane


turn off the lights and let your brain go wild

have you seen that face in the ceiling this week, no, well we’re not sleeping til we do

ever experience bouts of deep seated longing for something


having thoughts of your childhood trauma

your adult failings

then you to can be an insomniac

it’s that easy

a general sense of something being wrong, well hold that tight and try your hardest to tear apart everything you did or said until it feels broken and bad

everything going well

we’ll pick it to pieces together

it’s easy and fun

you just need a fine tooth comb and anxiety


it’s what all the cool people are doing in bed


One thought on “insomnia for starters

  1. I’m not over insomnia by any means and I’ve likely mentioned most of my anxieties hit me hardest in the night. But I’m better than I used to be.
    In the older days (still now occasionally) I would write through the night. Journaling, as I’ve shared with you. Detail after detail of my trouble life and soul. It passed the time at least


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