brink of dream

every night the neighbor drops something the same something i assume it is his phone but sometimes in the middle of sleepless nights i wait to hear it fall to know i am not sleeping seconds tick by in strange dilation when the world outside is silent the tocks do not seem to equal the […]


due to rampant insomnia your regularly scheduled onslaught of poetic nonsense has been discontinued the words have chosen to silence themselves the longing and depression however continue unabated as always just wrapped in a cocoon of indifference it has been days since sleep has tapped tapped upon the fool instead please enjoy the timeless classics […]


tired but the brain won’t quit exhausted head still thrumming at full speed visions of you like sugar plum fairies dancing whispering screaming even in near passing out conditions you keep me awake if i could hear you say those magic words all would be right instead i will hear them in my head as […]


last night i was witness to a four car crash my past my present my future and what could have been thankfully the only fatality was sleep

insomnia for starters

a crash course in staying awake long after your body says sleep be insane depressed turn off the lights and let your brain go wild have you seen that face in the ceiling this week, no, well we’re not sleeping til we do ever experience bouts of deep seated longing for something anything having thoughts […]

insomniac simpleton

and still i’m awake twenty hours later and sleep won’t find me i curse the walls for their silence the ceiling for it’s allure the world for it’s indifference my mind for it’s ceaseless rambles tried begging and pleading backwards counting and offset breathing how do i shut this off this mental replay seeking fanciful […]


spent the last two hours with my heart racing as i tried to convince myself i needed to fall asleep at least get a nap in i don’t know what had my mind incapable of shutting the fuck up i dozed on off more off than on brief respites i am convinced out there somewhere […]

the thoughts that echo as sleep draws near

he died on the toilet burst a blood vessel trying to force and expulsion lived like he died his greatest fear was his final act he’d be happy to know as his last breath rattled from him and everything relaxed as he slumped face first into the tiled floor he was a success in the […]


flying down the sidewalk, see the line, live the line, olly into a kickflip to catch the crooked grind down the twelve set, varial heelflip and pray for no traffic the board goes its own way halfway through the kickflip, my trajectory is straight for the rail, feet flailing, the ting of metal and feet […]

for edgar

stumbling alone on this muddy path, the pregnant moon the only light, heart racing and labored burning breath i saw something i should not have, a creature feasting, bloody mouth and ragged claws, the personification of death my gasp have me away, those dread black eyes met mine, the tearing of teeth and the jutting […]

tonight then, words

didn’t so much sleep as fought for every second i got woke up too many times tossed and turned desperately fought to return to dreams it was a failure stretched over seven hours if there was a championship for trying to sleep for assuming a comfortable postition and seeking to yank defeat from the gaping […]

popcorn, words

it isn’t really insomnia if it happens all the time it is a state of being made the mistake of letting my depression run free and it brought on a manic fit of would’ve could’ve should’ve instead of sleep so i wrote and wrote at the middle point i always think i will quit this […]

punch-drunk pinwheels, words

ten o’clock at night, moving in on twenty hours of wakefulness just had to fix the float arm in the toilet jack of all trades, master of none plumbing is not my specialty though i have snaked a few drains in my time double entendre, set, match, win as i am working on it these […]

bed ridden, words

going to bed, gotta ease this load this waking world ain’t fit for dreamers and my head’s always been in the clouds just gotta close my eyes and let reality slip away find my place without want or need i drift along with mind full of fog lost and scared of what will never be […]

rooster, words

dreams assaulted me last night an old farm house in the middle of nowhere a rooster crows in the dead of the night slowly amble out the back door to find blood sparyed across the barn door armed with a stick, open the door slowly to prevent the hinge from squeaking traitorous door lets out […]

honestly enough, words

i sleep on the couch because the bed is too big it isn’t comfortable it is just the only place i can find solace i eat brown rice everyday because i don’t care it isn’t good it is just enough to make it through another day in hell i don’t live i survive i don’t […]

nodding off, words

three hours nigh comatose in the lobby over saturated with coffee and shaking hands tell myself tonight i will sleep mind won’t race no being mopey, miserable and misaligned out of phase a phantom in a skin suit rattling the halls of an inescapable fate it is the misfired neurons in my brain the driving […]

over share, words

fitful sleep, off dreams filled with crimson splashes and distant screams woke up nearly as tired as when i went to bed, and the accursed hotel coffee is not helping matters see i am a light roast man in a world of over acidic bold the opposite of my mental state acidic and bold with […]

carousel, words

another one of those i should be asleep moments another time my mind races through the hallways of maybe if and probably not, i wish it would the waking dreamstate of need and hope is it all in vain, this idiotic and possibly quixotic pursuit of something more than the bare minimum the dreams and […]

insomnia tinted barb wire kisses, words

slowly pushing needles into the corner of my eyes i can feel the drill boring into my temples as the ice hammer thumps the top of my skull sense it as they flay the skin from the soles of my feet and bath them in salt and acid all while rabid monkeys beat my shins […]