punch-drunk pinwheels, words

ten o’clock at night, moving in on twenty hours of wakefulness

just had to fix the float arm in the toilet

jack of all trades, master of none

plumbing is not my specialty

though i have snaked a few drains in my time

double entendre, set, match, win

as i am working on it these are the thoughts racing through my brain

if i snort draino can i make them go away

use a plunger to expunge the radial disease of my sleep raped mind

i am underpaid, under qualified and over stimulated for this sad state of mind games

i am the host, next contestant and studio audience

celebrity appliance home version

tell him what he’s won

an all expense paid trip for one to the end of hope, five nights and six days of self indulgent ridicule

enjoy suicidal meanderings and pitiful sobbing sessions as you stroll the past in your brand new


is anything brand new

even the seed has fallen from the plant

anything shiny and new was tested, prefabricated, touch by the hands of a hundred workers before reaching yours

i am a journeyman plumber this evening

tomorrow a thief in the night

a vacationing vagabond in a land of pitfalls and tripwires, staggering blindly down mountainside vistas and quicksand pools

casting my line into toxic waters

the mermaid just a mutation from the chemical leaks into the ground water

contaminants and leaking fuel rods litter the path less travelled

and i fix toilets on no sleep

a paraplegic handyman tying a hangman knot, OSHA certified, uninsured yet cocksure

hemorrhaging nonsense on the tiles

too tired to sleep, punch-drunk pinwheels in a light spring breeze


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