popcorn, words

it isn’t really insomnia if it happens all the time

it is a state of being

made the mistake of letting my depression run free and it brought on a manic fit of would’ve could’ve should’ve instead of sleep

so i wrote

and wrote

at the middle point i always think i will quit this foolish pursuit

at the highest i think i can do something with it

and at the lowest depths i cannot live without it

so as it serenades me with longing and desperation

i toss and turn bit can toss it out or turn it off

so i eat popcorn and let it run free

take off the leash and let it be

would rather wrap my arms around her

hold her tight and let her rhythmic breathing lull me to sleep

or just savage her with tongue, with lip, with animalistic sex until neither of us can take another moment, hearts pounding, bodies quivering

so popcorn and writing it is


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