i long for the tears to fall unfettered down scruffy cheeks to feel the bubble deep inside pop maybe find just a few moments of peace from this constant state of constantly stating that every single thing is fine living on the edge of a mental break emotionally unavailable to one’s self when emotional immaturity […]

of mummification and bone trumpets

the ancient egyptians would lovingly remove the internal organs fill the cavity of the corpse with dried flowers a hooked tool entered the nose to extract the brain then with attention to detail they would wrap the body in preparation for the afterlife in the duat a year ago i hit the lowest point of […]

heavy handed

my life feels like the lyrics to a tom waits album left in the garbage bin because it was too hard to relate to just the memory of his rasping voice calling out to the gutters where the drippings of famine and family once supped a punk rock version of cardstock with safety pinned pinings […]

seeking definition (spiraling)

he sits alone in flickering candlelight carving every name he has known into the soft pink flesh with a cheap pocket knife across his ribs his chest his arms his legs red angry letters spelled out poet father failure dreamer lover loser liar every drop of blood every tear shed added to the anguish yet […]


he whispers to himself it is just seasonal but the goddamned season has lasted his entire life he mutters to himself it is the story cracking down on his already weary framed of mein this isn’t all it’s built up into yet somehow it is still more than can be accepted by a fractured soul […]

outside the door

feeling that feeling that sleepy sliding feeling that need to hide to disappear to become a myth of a rumor anxious energetically tiredly manic lost in the ever spinning arm of spiralling hopelessness as the world pisses cold rain on the dirty concrete right outside the door