septic daydream

bound nude in chains
to the splintered mast
as the ship rocks
forced near to tipping
by the ice cold waves
watching in fury
as the crew gives
final fearful looks
as they slink off
in the last of the
leaky wooden lifeboats
my every exhalation
of agonized anger
draws emerald strikes
from the roiling black
to send geysers of steam
in lazy sodden plumes
daring the bastard sea
to drag me to the bottom

longing to be a gull
freed from the immensity
of seeking purpose in a
chaotic realm of disdain
flying above the inflicted
agonies of chemically
imbalanced suicidal daydreams
to casually let loose a
stream of tepid shit upon
the self obsessed monsters
watching the sky with
vapid mouths agape

or a kraken sinking all
the petty soldier’s ships
forming a coral reef
with the picked clean
skeletons of self righteous
piss slingers that believe
this tragic accident
owes them anything more
than a pinebox and headstone
the wind will eventually
wipe completely clean

barefeet on the slick deck
arms chained above so
my shoulders scream with
every lurch of the vessel
spitting curses swallowed
by the rolling thunder
as the rats seek to
flee the sinking ship
trying to escape one more
ignoble fate before the
next one sweeps them
into the jagged blade filled
maw of certainty within
these new born disasters
knowing life is the final
septic daydream separating
eternities adrift in nothing

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