drifting deeper

feeling erratic and circling the drain

scrapped one hundred and twenty pages to start all over

kaada and patton bacteria cult on repeat

strings and gentle humming fill the room as words flow like blood from an open vein

soothing the savagery of tearing apart a tale and building with the entrails

making messes in a literary sense

mythos and neon strobing through my mind

not sure if shivering in the heat or from the pressure

reintegrate to reinvigorate to try and not relapse into the trappings of goethe and bulkagov

building a case for burning it all to the ground as the airy music abounds

and instead of taking a break from the flow

tapping another vein to quell the onset madness

making deals with my demons in an effort to save a vestige of this tattered soul

lost in another place

surrounded by the filth of half rendered sketches no one else can see

needing a partner in rhyme

but sitting alone

the murmured screams of self administered barberism and bondage

trapped in finger cuffs of my own design

as i sink beneath the surface of the ink stained waters

unsure if waving good bye or pleading for help

maybe both

maybe neither

as i settle onto a bed of kelp that sways like the golden locks of the circling mermaids

a feast of emptiness in the shallows of my mind

drifting deeper

the abyss beckons

and i embrace the forever of it

the majesty of an abundance of nothing

the misery of one

once upon a time in misery

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