more is less

i have spent the last week diving through hell both figurative and literal as this stomach virus rages and hell becomes all too real it is quiet so quiet that the only sound is that of the endless cycle of thoughts roaring in the empty skull of once upon a time so the fool writes […]


he floats on emotional currents like a kite bare skin catching the airy dismissals going ever higher until in an instant they turn into concrete to crush his flimsy sense of self into a ball of loss splayed across the barren earth he sees the hawks drift in lazy circles the ravens watching from the […]

drifting deeper

feeling erratic and circling the drain scrapped one hundred and twenty pages to start all over kaada and patton bacteria cult on repeat strings and gentle humming fill the room as words flow like blood from an open vein soothing the savagery of tearing apart a tale and building with the entrails making messes in […]

feathers drift

you came into my world a savior, an angel offering grace, a divine blessing, erasing the stain of sin from my weary blackened soul i was the fallen one, swinging like a pendulum between avarice and sorrow, you gave balance when it was needed most and now you’re gone a bittersweet memory, the faint smell […]


fuzzy guitars to drown out the voices rolling in broken glass to feel something hoping to hitchhike across a different dreamscape the one i’ve been surfing lately has grown stale falling into white noise like a hobo hopping trains drifting like a grifter one step ahead of the law she used to be my salve […]