flights of (un)fancy

ryo plays
as the plane
gently rocks
along the currents
of ephemeral fluff
the stars seem
so much livelier
in the air
over alabama
as we approach
the mississippi border
the moon
just a sharp
crescent of silver
hovering above
the wing
the fool slowly
makes his way
from eastern
to the comfort
of homegrown hell
there are
so many thoughts
the infinite
misfiring pulses
in the soft tissue
with the softer feeling
that gets lost
in the casual
of her undeniable
all along
the inside
of his eyelids
the transition
into another statw
marked by
the transition
into the driving
piano high hat combo
that puts
the entire world
in a haze
of jazzy innuendo
to tickle
not just the keys
but the wispy
bits of still
unladen fluff
that drift
along the scriptures
inside his fracture

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