for one

tiptoeing across the graves of the not so recently deceased, masoleums of lives gone past, gone passed, gone too soon

the stench of decay like expensive perfume, permeating and penetrating and passively erasing all olfactory common scents

wilted roses in a vase, dessicated and distracting from the flickering reminders of what was supposed to be eternal flames

counting headstones instead of taking dates, past mates, check mates, irrational clones of distant heart murmurs, distinct extinct and extraneous representations of rancid and erroneous repeated indiscretions

freshly dug and waiting for the next missed opportunity

dying to be the first one in, the last one out, regenerate dismay in hopes to lay beneath the coffin, revenge fantasies and reconstituted remains

life is a grinding slough, a marathon fought with one brain tied behind your heart, a poem typed by the tails of autistic dolphins on ritalin and kept in a kiddie pool, a post, a cry, a rambling diatribe on the differences between organic and orgasmic produce, production lines halted, reduction times induction divided and divisive

a triumph of literary illiterance, impudance impeding progress and repeated soft shoe renditions of sorrowful cowboy songs sung by the asthmatic aesthetically impolite and politically incorrect conjoined images of native and indigenous stereotypical youths raging against the supple vaginal reincarnation of bullet hell and rumbling diarretic rebukes

reject the means, the sums, the sons and the sun

ignore what is right in front of you for what has been left behind with a bouquet and baby breath arraignment, a summons, a court ordered return to the ridicule of what never was

weakly wave at the motorists as they drive their automobiles down the highway of carcasses and cremated dreamscape, transmissions grinding and belching great clouds of bleached dinosaur skulls into the vapid vapor of vanity and varicose vehicular vestibules

invested in venting the pressure of prepubescent presence, parlay amongst parfait pariahs, retract retirement and rent out the empty spot where cardiac arrest equals life in prison for consumption and contrite conveyance if condescending well wishes

whispering wind through the hollow halls of dying daydreamers, bereft of beneficial basic boredom

tossed out the window and filling the shark infested waters of triumphant traffic lights and tragic construction workers building a better mousetrap to kill the residential ferrets of false phallic fallacies

sleeping on the graves of spiteful derelicts with daunting respiration, realisation, restoration, carnations lillies and so many weeds with thorns, a stag with antlers like anchors and horns where hooves should be, monstrous and clumsily, an abomination nation of slimy salesmen and tinder hook ups

no open mouth kissing, it is a birthmark i swear, a cold soar over virulent wounds winding down down ever down

tiptoeing on the graves of the not so recently deceased, the cease and desist order of immaculate deception, the empty promises of life among the living, of peace among the dead

rejoice on resting on the laurels of lonely laments and linguistic luxuries, lost lovers and laconic adventures on the road to nothing, nowhere in the rearview mirror, reflections of radiant eradication

one way ticket to a nonexistent playground, a simple satchel of insufficient change

a chain and key, a locket, an eraser shaped like a bug, not enough token tokens to get enough tickets, the flashing lights and carnival theme, flaring carpal tunnel and poor motor sensory development

funeral party of one, your table is ready


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